Journey to SCMHRD

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”- Arthur Ashe.

An aspirant’s journey to an institute of such prestige as SCMHRD is wrought with myriad challenges. But the outcome of such hard work and diligence is unparalleled and often unmatched. What starts out as an aspiration for thousands is ultimately fulfilled through grit, determination, and resilience for a select few diligent aspirants. 

The Journey to SCMHRD begins right when an aspirant sets their focus right on appearing for the SNAP exam. The SNAP exam is one of the country’s most sought-after management entrance examinations, as it is one’s gateway to enrolling in an institute of repute as SCMHRD and ultimately paving a bright career path ahead. The general preparation for the SNAP examination involves aspirants devoting their time diligently to all three sections -Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning. 

Post giving numerous mocks, reworking weak areas, memorizing formulas, and knowing their applications in detail, the aspirant ultimately reaches D-Day, the day of the SNAP examination, wherein all rests on the state of mind and performance in that one-hour slot. The next phase that diligent aspirants eagerly await after the examination is the call for the GEPIWAT Round.

SCMHRD conducts a comprehensive step-by-step evaluation of every applicant for admission into the institute. Eager aspirants who meet the cut-off mark for SNAP are presented with the opportunity to participate in the next round, the GEPIWAT Round. In the Written Ability Test, one is tested on the ability to spontaneously articulate thoughts into clear and concise words. In the Group Exercise round, one is tested on the ability to put forth their opinions and views in a group setting and navigate the discussion to an affirmative conclusion. In the Personal Interaction, the interviewee gauges the personality, aptitude, fitment, and acumen of the interviewee on various fronts. 

A select few diligent individuals who meet the parameters that SCMHRD deems valuable and sees high potential in are ultimately given the congratulatory communication of making it to their dream B-School. However, this journey of the SCMHRD Experience has just begun for them. What lies ahead in the store are two years full of enriching learning experiences, learning management via various clubs and committees, extracurricular exposure, corporate competitions, and ultimately the refinement to being ready to face the corporate world.

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