From the tea gardens of the East to the high-streets of Balewadi: Jitul’s journey

Heard about SCMHRD being recognized as one of the most diverse B-schools in India? Success stories like Jitul’s are perhaps one of the testimonies of the same. Hailing from Dibrugarh, the town with the last functional railway station in the North-East, where an MBA education is not the usual norm, Jitul has indeed broken a number of stereotypes. A fun-loving guy who likes experimenting with different recipes, playing football (die-hard Real Madrid and CR7 fan), playing and listening to music (Guns n Roses, Dire straits, Pink Floyd), Jitul is not the quintessential student who plans his moves in advance. So, an MBA in Operations from SCMHRD was also unplanned. He struggled a lot initially, but hard work, persistent belief in his abilities, and an inquisitive bent of mind helped him crack the Cummins challenge, the first company he sat for.

The Cummins experience: Jitul’s project at Cummins was to increase the efficiency of the assembly lines of QSK 23 and QSK 60 at its Phaltan plant. Although it may sound a bit technical, but his deliverables were not. It included conducting a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of the faults in the respective warehouse and assembly lines, analyzing the same and formulating strategies to mitigate them. His mechanical engineering background really helped him in the RCA and gave an edge over the other interns from other backgrounds. He also came up with the solution of implementing the ‘Cycle Count Process on the assembly lines of QSK 23 and QSK 60’, which has helped in minimizing faults in the assembly lines to a great extent. His internship at Cummins was both challenging and enjoyable – the 2 month  stay in the far off Maharashtrian  village of Phaltan, the manufacturing life, the food at the plant mess, the professional work environment, the learning horizon, the adequate work-life balance, and the interactions with interns all over the country. The icing on the cake was, however, the receipt of a PPO and the implementation of his solution in the assembly lines of Cummins. The journey which started in the tea gardens of Dibrugarh is heading towards Balewadi high street, the headquarters of Cummins India.

Piece of advice to incumbent juniors: “Give the best you can. Getting a PPO/PPI is not always on your hands. Even if you do not get one, don’t be disheartened, try to gain as much knowledge as you can. Listen to people in the workplace and ask a lot of questions, however stupid it may seem to others. Enhance your Microsoft Excel skills. Most importantly, study thoroughly about the company and the core subjects that may help you in the internship, even though they may not have been taught yet. And last but not the least, don’t forget to enjoy the moments as they come by.”

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