Janani Ravi, PPO, Goldman Sachs

dsc_0141_1I spent my formative years in the Middle East, before moving to Delhi at 17, completing my BBA in Human Resource Management from Lancaster University India Campus. Getting into SCMHRD was an unexpected dream come true, as I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to pursue my MBA. Today, I’m very glad I grabbed onto this opportunity. I am grateful for the motivation and support provided by my parents and friends, especially those times when the pressure of First Year seemed too much to bear. It is because of them that I realized MBA isn’t just a mere degree but a two‑year journey that shapes our future.

The Goldman Sachs Bangalore office was an amazing place to intern at as a fresher; being my first time in the corporate world, I was given the best possible environment to work in. GS is home to some of the best and brightest minds and it was truly a privilege working with and alongside them. I worked as a Summer Analyst at GS, working with the Global Mobility Services Team. I was given a policy review project for which I had to design the project plan, collect, analyze data and provide recommendations to the Leadership Team.

I have just one piece of advice that stems from my learning: Do not underestimate yourself and do not give up! You will be stressed and exhausted, you will face fierce competition but you will grow as a person. So don’t let anything or anyone bring you down, believe in yourself and earn the reward you deserve!

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