Interrobang 2018

One of the many experiences a student gets at any premier B-School is the spirit of national level competitions . To leverage a similar experience , this time it was ITC Ltd. at SCMHRD campus on 29th July, to launch 8th season of its annual competition , Interrobang which in literal terms is the amalgamation of a question mark and an exclamation mark .Interrobang is an national level case study challenge primarily for HR students. ITC has launched this competitions to only 13 premier B-schools so far, SCMHRD being one of them.

The session started with a quick introduction of the guests- Navonil Chatterjee, an alumnus of
SCMHRD , 2018 batch specializing in Marketing. The second speaker was Ms. Priya – an alumnus of SCMHRD, 2014 batch who specialized in HR. They built the enthusiasm of the students by playing a quick quiz consisting of five odd questions about the new milestones ITC has achieved and some new launches they have made recently. The speaker then went on to share some key facts about ITC, their chain of Hotels and their innovations in personal care products. Followed next was a small but impactful video clip , showcasing how their brand Vivel was completely revamped to relate to their personal care customers.
Next, we were apprised of the three stages of the competition – The interroquiz, the interrobang
case challenge and the interrojam the winners of which would be rewarded heavily.
All in all it was an enthralling experience which talked about the synergies ITC maintains across all its brands. We really look forward to participate and compete in interrobang with an undying

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