InternXperience @Hinduja Renewables- by Halak Shah #44

Preparation Strategy:

 A glance through India’s Renewable Energy scenario, a few readings on ET Energy World subscriptions, brushing up on my familiarities with Solar and Wind Energy. Being an architect, entering the Business landscape always builds an affinity towards Green Building and sustainable practices. Focused all this passion, bundled, and packaged it into a burning fire to explore, learn, and contribute at Hinduja Renewables.


My interviewer was the President of the Business Development at Hinduja, and the virtual interview of 25 mins culminated in us having casual conversations about the Sector and Life goals and how Adaptability, Stretchability, and flexibility are the new Mantras of the Business World. I had another round of interview with the HR, and she was so encouraging and motivating, the best part of the interview was she asked me about my Expectations from the Company and how I would like to customize my 9-week experience to gain the most from it. And before I knew it, the call turned into a Congratulatory confirmation of my acceptance as a Summer Intern at HREPL, Hinduja Group.

9 Weeks of Excellence:

Like any other Sustainability enthusiast, I always wanted to work on Solar Energy Projects, thanks to the team at Hinduja this experience was more
interesting than what I had dreamt of. As soon as my Internship began, I was inducted and warmly welcomed by the team over a virtual meet. I was explained my project Charter of deliverables and asked to create a day-wise schedule for the coming 9 weeks. I loved the way the team participated and planned the whole journey with me, customizing it to deliver a wholesome experience for me.

Soon I was deep into the nuances of State-wise resource availability and appropriate policies, reforms, and strategies for their respective DISCOMS while preparing a Market Intelligence Report with all regulatory charges for an ISTS reverse bid Solar Auction that Hinduja was looking to bid for. The solar energy sector is governed by Govt. bodies like CTU, STU, SECI, MNRE and before you plan a business model, one must make a note of its constraints and play by the rules. Hence I was studying a few past tender documents, the Bid selection criteria, and the e reverse auction model for Solar ISTS schemes. My mentor would ensure I was on track with the schedule and constantly provide me with aids, documents, and site references to pace my Research.

The Mentoring, guidance, and constant encouragement at even my smallest steps made my journey unforgettable and honed me towards being the best version of myself. The experience has surely propelled my journey with Renewables.

Despite the entire Internship being conducted virtually, it was really engaging and extremely seamless. Towards the end, I got to present my Work before the whole C -suite at Hinduja Renewables; who lauded my efforts and promised me to stay in touch.

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