InternXperience @Wipro- by Shubham Kumar #48

Calling onto nature’s force to be with you may sound filmy. But, trust me this was all that I was praying for on the day of my final review as part of WiSE 2020 when cyclone Nisarga was approaching towards Mumbai. Am grateful that my prayers worked and it just scraped off the coastal area of Mumbai, eventually allowing me to have a great final review.

Internship Experience

The complete packaged WiSE experience began with the coffee circle’s which was an informal session organized by Wipro to get acquainted with fellow interns in the city and get to know the organization better. We were all promising each other to meet soon in Bangalore for the induction with great enthusiasm. All in all, it was a great plan which was put up by Wipro for the WiSE program, until the situation upturned in the form of COVID-19 pandemic. And, as it is rightly said that you see the mettle of great people and organization in the time of adversity. The sheer pace at which Wipro made the program all virtual within a matter of days speaks volumes about the people and the commitment they did put forward.

Initiating pre-induction sessions to conducting workshops and getting the virtual setup done for all the interns was certainly out of expectations. As we began with induction sessions taken by top leaders at Wipro, we got a better clarity of what we were expected of. Direct interaction with leaders gave us some valuable insights into how the industry was fairing up at the time of the pandemic.

I was lucky to have had a great mentor and buddy who gave me a challenging project (pertaining to the timeline of 8 weeks) on strategic lines and answered my innumerable queries about it with great patience. They backed me up in situations wherever the project needed a push at bottleneck situations. As the project progressed, I was given the freedom to carry out the project which I did not expect as being just an intern working for 2 months. As the project involved Topcoder, a recent acquisition of Wipro, it was a great learning experience working and interacting with the leaders having rich experience in the crowdsourcing space, which is currently booming.

Although my mid-review went quite well, it turned out difficult for me to realize how I would be able to tick off my deliverables. Meanwhile, my mentor suggested that I take up another project on Smart cities to enrich my learning experience while working alongside the Global head of marketing for Wipro, DOP. I took up this opportunity with open hands and it allowed me to explore more of what I could deliver in the given time constraints.

While we were engrossed in the project work, the B-school hiring team helped us immensely by organizing weekly workshops (Impetus sessions) on project management, mind mapping, advanced excel, etc which we could directly apply to our projects.

The last two weeks of the internship were the best part as I could see the work done in the initial days coming off as actionable points and ticking off my project deliverables. This helped me forge a good presentation for my final review and eventually define it into the framework which is being worked upon to be brought into action in the form of pilots.

4 days post my final review, I was having a relaxing time in the evening post the hectic schedule of the last 20 days that is when I received a call from an HR from the B-school hiring team. She gave out the news of myself being recommended as one of the best interns with the best projects. I felt elated hearing this news which had an opportunity along to present my work to the senior leadership at Wipro. I prepared myself for the final day and presented my projects to the senior leadership team at Wipro along with my fellow interns. It was a great experience as the Q&A round came along with great feedback and suggestions which broadened the scope of the project to be carried out henceforth.

Being part of the WiSE program at Wipro has surely made me wiser with relationships forged and experiences to be cherished for a long time ahead. I could not have earlier imagined how I could have had such an immersive virtual internship experience.

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