InternXperience @UltraTech Cement Ltd. – by Arpita Mishra #53

For my internship, I have the privilege to work for UltraTech Cement Limited. Gaining professional experience while working from home was a real challenge but with my mentor’s support and guidance I was able to complete my journey wonderfully.

Preparation strategy:

Before venturing out, I had to prepare myself for this experience.

My preparation strategy involves sticking to the basics of whatever I have learned and during my interview, the complete knowledge of my previous work experience helped me to get through. 

Internship experience:

I have interned in the Logistics department under Mr Praveen Singh (Regional Logistics Head – Central Region).

My internship experience is kinda a roller coaster ride as initially it was difficult to understand things sitting at home however I am grateful to my mentor who has taken considerable effort to make things work out for me. The overall experience helped me to gain a sense of responsibility, time management, and deciding priorities based on different scenarios. It allowed me to grow personally and helped me to gain new skills that I did not have previously. I also gained a better understanding of the cement industry, made a new network, and gained a few new references for the future. But most importantly, it inspired me to go ahead and gain more knowledge that could be implemented on the ground. Although it was for a short period, I have learned a lot from this experience. This has greatly widened my perspectives on the key trends and skills required in the cement industry.

Tips for the juniors:

Do not just stick to books or whatever is taught inside the classroom, the practical application of things is completely different. You need to know how things actually work in real-world scenarios. You gain theoretical knowledge from lectures, but how to implement and apply that knowledge comes from harnessing your skills during the internship.

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