InternXperience @Todays Dental- by Aanchal Negi #5

Preparation strategy and interview:

Stick to basics. Know your fundamentals. Read about the current changes, but also about the success and fall of major brands. A lot of it might not be relevant but it helps put things in perspective. Especially in Marketing, I have seen too many times that people underestimate the challenges and over-promise. Before and during the internship. Don’t. Stay humble, honest. If you’re good, you’re good.

Internship experience:

I interned at Todays Dental. It was efficacious in the sense that it pointed me in the direction that I not only wanted to go in but also what would potentially help me a lot in the near future. I worked on creating Digital Marketing campaigns for their US locations in Cayenne and Lexington and it was both amusing and brilliant to see the amount of freedom I had been provided with and the faith that they had invested in me. I was interviewed by the Director himself and worked in close contact with him on almost everything. This turned out to be extremely helpful as I could get immediate feedback and at the same time get the work done before deadlines. Considering every business in the near future will have to observe a switch from traditional to the online mode of communication, this was nothing short of a blessing in disguise.

Key learnings and takeaways:

My major takeaway was that 1st world problems are a thing. While the world was (and is still) in chaos, we were getting annoyed by a file not opening when screen sharing. I realized that patience and empathy is a virtue that not many have. With WFH totally being a thing for quite some time in the future, I think we should all be mindful of the home more than the work. I was lucky to have a boss who allowed us the flexibility to choose our login-logout time, just as long as we put in the necessary hours during the day, and that might just have been the game-changer.

Role of MBA during my Summer Internship:

The fundamentals of Marketing and the finance part came in handy when evaluating ad choices and email marketing. Having previously done BBA in Marketing, I had material to look over at any time and the curriculum at HRD is also very extensive when it comes to preparing us for summers.

Advice to Juniors:

1.I’d say what someone once told me, “If you’re good, you’re good.” Do not worry about the world or the politics you may think is happening, but simply focus on yourself.

2.Be confident and honest, value others’ time, and remember to breathe once in a while. Times may be tough but make sure to prioritize your health over your work, now more than ever.

3.Everyday – Listen to the news for 30mins, read 2 pages of a book of your favourite genre, find a hobby that can help you relax, and keep in touch with friends that respect you. As for right now, stay home and stay safe.

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