InternXperience @Titan Company Ltd. – by Prakshi Jain #51

Preparation Strategy:

Titan Company Limited is a Tata Group subsidiary, which is very passionate about its values and mission. I made sure that I was well aware of the same, and knew a bit about all the segments of the company before going in for the interview. I also brushed up my basic knowledge about HR, and the different roles it offers. However, my interview was mainly about myself, and how my attitude and beliefs would be right for the company. What they want in a candidate is a positive attitude and the thirst to learn and execute. The company looks forward to candidates that align with their values.  

Overall Internship Experience:

Indeed, we all wanted to physically go to the office and work. But the procedure was quite seamless when it came to inducting us into the system virtually. My guide and my mentor both were very supportive and appreciative, which is a very important aspect of a successful internship. For me especially, this experience was wonderful since I am a fresher, and not once did the company make me feel like I was, “just an intern”. I was vested with some rather important responsibilities, which made me believe I was an integral part of the company for those two months. I spoke to a lot of employees from the company as a part of my project, which helped me understand the company in detail. 

Key Learnings and Takeaways:

The company and its values made me realize how important the role of every individual is in cultivating team synergy. I have always been a student who learnt things at school or college but handling a job for 2 months brought out a different side of me and gave me hands-on experience at corporate. I have become more confident and resilient than I was before. I also know a lot more about Human Resources than I did before. I also got to meet a lot of new people, made friends from different colleges that were interning along with me, and widened network and connections. 

Learnings from the First year:

It was quite interesting to see the various Organizational theories being applied in the real world. I had learnt a few psychometric tests in class, which I was able to apply for efficient results of my project. All the learnings about the subject seemed quite relevant even when it came to applying them practically. 

Advice to juniors:

Things might be quite different for you this time due to the pandemic, but that does not mean it won’t happen for you. Be patient, and keep learning. The entire process is going to be quite overwhelming, and you will cherish it for life. For placements, it is important to know the basics of your specialization, but it is also important to know a bit about the company you are sitting for along with its values. Lastly, it is important to not panic at the 11th hour. Calm down, and trust the process. 

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