InternXperience @Tata Steel- by Ankush Khandelwal #33

Preparation Strategy and tips

An internship is one of the important phases of MBA, after getting into SCMHRD, one of the premier B-school of the country. The next challenge for me to get selected into the desired organization. For that, I started working on my CV to make it stand out when the time comes, for which I did some certification courses which are aligned with my stream and also take the help of my seniors when needed. The mock GDs organized by various committees helps me a lot during my actual Group discussion round. I also read on Tata Steel thrust into strengthening India’s industrial base through effective utilization of staff and materials ensured I was up to date with the radically new technology and programs being implemented by other companies all over the world as precursors to outbound logistics.

Internship Experience

My project was based on the Benchmarking of outbound logistics practice of Tata steel with other top national and international steel companies and devising a new strategy for reducing turnaround time, increasing efficiency in tracking, and delivery of products effectively. I was very excited to work on this project as it affects the operational efficiency and profitability of a company. This was the first corporate exposure to me and experiencing it in virtual mode was all the more exciting. I was exposed to tremendous learning opportunities, which gave me a clear understanding of how outbound logistics operation takes place not only in steel companies but also in Big e-commerce organisations and how they manage the entire process. It helped me in building a new network that is unique to me and inculcated in me the critical element of self-discipline.

My mentor was very helpful in guiding me throughout the project. He also guided me to take complete ownership of the project. He also asked me to take ownership of the project as it will help me to mold my managerial skills also. I was also introduced to a few other stakeholders of this project. From time to time I was provided with the required data to work upon. I had weekly reviews which ensured I was going on the right path. Though my mentor and other stakeholders were too busy with their official work, they always ensured that I was also given the necessary attention whenever required.

First-year of MBA

My first year at SCMHRD shaped me as a professional and ensures that to perform well on my internship. Practical implementation of assignments, case studies, and managing committee work helps me to manage my work effectively and efficiently.

Advice to Juniors

For the upcoming batch, the advice which I want to give is, make full use of your time, try to learn new things every day, update your CV, participate in competitions and whatever be the situation stay positive, motivated, always open up for changes and accept whatever comes in your way by giving your best performance. Leave your past behind and live in present, enjoy this journey because “The Journey is more important than the destination”.

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