InternXperience @RITES Ltd. – by Deep Patel #61

I did my summer internship with RITES Ltd. RITES is promoted by the ministry of railways and for me, it was an honour to work with them.

Interview preparation:

One of the most exciting phase for any B-school student is the phase of summer placement. When the HRs of the big corporate house are all set to test the managerial skills, when they drill you on your past. Looking at RITES’ domain of work, it was perfect for a civil engineer like me. I was expecting questions in an interview from a technical aspect as well as from the managerial aspect. I brushed up my technical knowledge by looking into the past projects in my undergraduate and made myself clear about my role when I was working in a family business. More important for me was to show them that I have the capability to use both the technical and managerial skills at the same time and for that, I also studied the practical application of every concept which I was thought in the first two semesters of MBA.


And then comes the D-DAY, the day on which company came to campus for selection. I was ready to reach campus well before the stipulated time. The last thing I wore was the SELF-CONFIDENCE, which is very much necessary for any kind of interview. Being a child who has a well-established family business, this summer internship phase was very exciting as I never gave an interview before this. I enter the room where the panelists were taking the interview and greeted them with a smile. As to my expectation after the regular question of introduction they started to drill me on my technical knowledge with a variety of questions, I gave an answer to almost all the technical questions. They also test my managerial and aptitude skill by asking general questions on India’s condition in the infrastructure industry and where should India concentrate more on the infrastructure front. I gave an answer to their question while keeping confidence in my voice, I politely denied the question whose answer I didn’t know. When I came to know that I am selected by RITES for a summer internship, I was very happy, felt like it is a perfect company for me where I can enhance my technical as well as managerial skills.

Internship experience:

I was very excited to go to Delhi and work at the RITES Bhawan. I never got a corporate exposure and my dream of exposing myself to corporate was going to be true. But destiny didn’t want my dream to come true and there was a national lockdown announcement due to COVID-19. All my excitement became null and void on knowing that I would not be working at RITES Bhawan. Our internship got delayed and when it started it was a virtual internship. I was given two projects, the first project for me was to set a benchmark for modalities of operation for private trains in India by studying the modalities of other developed countries globally. I studied the modalities of Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New-Zealand, the UK, etc. I compared it with the Indian context and made a presentation as to what are the best practices adopted by some of the developed countries in the world and how it can be fabricated for the Indian context.

The second project was preparing a financial model for a big-ticket airport project and determine the share that can be given to the airport authority of India per passenger after determining the pre-decided project and equity IRR. For this project, I studied AERA guidelines for determining the tariff that can be charged on aeronautical and non-aeronautical activities an also studied the cash flow statement of the airport with similar capacities. The overall experience was enriching and will be an important curve in the journey of MBA as I got to learn about contract management and financial management.

Learning from first year of MBA that aided in the internship:

Contract management and project finance are the core subject in the first 2 semesters which were taught by the eminent personalities having vast experience in the industry. The knowledge from the contract management subject was useful in my first project as to how a clause can be designed that can facilitate both the parties and also follow the international standards. The project finance subject was a whole case study approach where we were made to prepare the financial model of the case with various varieties. Both this subject help me in delivering the objectives of my project with the utmost accuracy.

Tip for the junior batch:

To get hired for an internship in the company of your interest, it is very important that have a total grip on your subject of interest and also have a thorough understanding of your subject domain. Always be curious to grasp knowledge, especially something that will inch you closer to your dream company. On D-Day show confidence to panelist answer them politely and in case you don’t get select for your dream company, don’t be sad, the personality so developed in a B-school will always be the biggest asset for you. All the best.

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