InternXperience @RITES Ltd.- by Aditya Nimesh Raj #49

As a firm believer of the tag-line of “NIKE”- Just Do It, I never made myself feel low in any situation. Constant efforts, motivation, perseverance and discipline are bread and butter of my life. All these motivated me to pursue my post graduation in the field of Infrastructure Development and Management. Being an electrical engineer to a part-time worker in TIME institute, I have always thought about improving the infrastructure in our country and this thought has made me join SCMHRD, Pune to pursue higher studies.    

Getting into RITES

Summer placements in b- schools are really fierce. Competition is cut-throat. All are at the same level because all cracked the same competition to enter the same b-school. Interning in the dream company is everybody’s wish but everyone’s wish is not fulfilled. I was one of the lucky fellows who managed to get into its dream company. I still remember, when I joined SCMHRD everyone was talking about interning at RITES Ltd., its culture, its working style, etc. This attracted me a lot, so from the first day onwards I started collecting important stuff about RITES like what do they ask in the interview, is the CV that matters a lot during the whole process, or is it the knowledge that matters? Etc. And I started preparing myself for every situation. When D-Day arrived, everybody was nervous but I was confident enough as I have been preparing for the last 3-4 months for this interview. And finally, when the results of the interview arrived, I was offered the role of Risk Management intern at RITES Ltd. It was a feeling that can’t be expressed in words.

RITES virtual orientation program

I already knew that the internships at RITES are exhilarating but that was when interns physically went to the RITES office and work but due to COVID-19 how it would be, I have no idea about it. And finally, on the orientation day, all HR managers were there congratulating us for being successful and handled the whole online orientation program in a perfect manner. 

Experience at RITES

Prior to the internship, I was aware that RITES expects awesome work from its interns as they treat interns as its employees. So I began preparing myself from the very first day itself.  I was given the task of risk analysis of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) project that RITES was handling. I have very little knowledge about Risk Assessment but my mentor from RITES made it a cakewalk for me. Whenever I faced difficulties in assessing any project my mentor was there to help me out. I was also given the task of financial appraisal of the new upcoming projects. Moreover, the work culture at RITES was so friendly that whosoever is interning at RITES, Rites treat him/her as a part of the RITES family.

Key Learning   

  1. People will recognize you if you do quality work.
  2. There is no shortcut to success, do hard plus smart work.
  3. There are tremendous amounts of learning opportunities present every day, it’s up to you how much you can grasp.
  4. There may be times when things don’t fall in the right place, don’t get depressed, motivate yourself, take a break, discuss things, and start again.

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