InternXperience @Philips India- by Sreemoyee Tagore #9

The Path to the Interview

I joined SCMHRD after working for 30 months in Tata Consultancy Services convinced that with the world waking up to the power of data, an MBA in Business Analytics which combines data and core management would be the best foot forward. The interesting part of Business Analytics is that it allowed me to gain expertise across all domains and at the same time allowed me to choose my preferred domain. A few weeks into SCMHRD, we started preparing for our summer placement process which involved solving live as well as well documented cases, preparing the basic concepts across all domains and keeping a watch on the developments of companies as well as the world economy to prepare for the group discussions(GD).

The Interview

Once the summer placement process started, I sat for my first GD with the leader in the healthcare industry, Philips. I was nervous yet prepared to go all in to crack the GD. After the GD, I was called in for the interview. A majority of the interview revolved around my work experience, what I had worked on and how I will be using that experience in my career. The interview also involved looking out for team player and possible leadership qualities in me.

Tip: Make sure to listen to the other people in the GD. Find your moment and pitch in with valid points. A good speaker is also a great listener. In the interview, make sure you have a clear and concise idea about what is included in your CV especially your work experience(if any). Be honest and confident.

The Exhilarating Voyage

I excitedly waited for the day to come, when I would join the Philips office as a Summer Intern but to the 2021 batch’s dismay Covid-19 happened and we did our internship virtually. With innovation at its core, the team at Philips came up with an engaging and exciting onboarding journey, with ice-breaking sessions, leadership interactions and wait for it, a virtual party!

I was onboarded as the Marketing Intern to be working in the Mobile Surgery segment. My project involved doing a strategic global competitor analysis and developing a tool that enables the easy introduction of new products in the market. The role involved for me to be working with the Global Marketing Director, Product Managers, the Application team as well as several other national and international stakeholders.

Once the internship began, I was welcomed into the team very warmly. Not for a moment did I feel that I had just joined. I was explained the project charter and the expected deliverables and the whole team pitched in throughout the journey. My mentor and guide held regular follow up and feedback sessions with me in order to ensure that the project was on track and therefore I could deliver the desired output. In the end, I was able to present my work to the leadership team who expressed satisfaction in my work and lauded my efforts.

My Takeaways

Innovation is an opportunity to see change as an opportunity- and not a threat”.

The team at Philips came up with new and exciting ways for us to learn about leadership values, excellence at work and teamwork. Through the leadership interactions I realized that while we strive towards the results, we must not forget to enjoy the journey. While it may or may not be a tough part in the journey right now, 10 years later it will all have worked out. The ice-breaking sessions and the virtual party enabled us to start interacting with the rest of the interns and everyone in the organization.

Working with my mentor and guide, I have learnt some truly valuable lessons. I have learnt that perfection lies in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, the best kind of presentations always tell an engaging story, open-ended conversations are the best brainstorming sessions and there is no one way to do things. I was provided with constant encouragement and guidance at the moment I needed it which honed me to be the best version of myself.

 It always wasn’t just work. We had virtual Friday coffee meetings where we discussed the exciting happenings during the week and also our weekend plans. 

Working in my project, I realized the deep impact that the healthcare industry has in the world and the way Philips is creating a better world for us to live in. I understood how massive is the surgery segment in this industry and how deeply it impacts all the stakeholders involved in it, be it the businesses, the hospitals, the doctors or the patients.

I am deeply grateful to everyone involved in my journey for guiding me and showing the right way.

Insights from my journey

  1. Prepare in detail. Make sure you know about the company. There is no one way to prepare for the process.
  2. Be up to date with all current affairs, latest trends and technologies for your GD.
  3. Prepare your concepts as strongly as possible. Know your basics.
  4. Be patient and understanding in the GD. Find your moment and shine.
  5. Be relaxed, confident and honest in the interview. It’s only to know you better.
  6. Accept what you don’t know and mention that you will look into it as soon as possible.
  7. Take ownership of your project. Each day should be better than your last. Learn from the leaders around you. Absorb and imbibe.
  8. Talk with as many people as you can in your organization to understand all the perspectives.

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