InternXperience @Perfetti Van Melle India- by Smriti Sawner #25

Preparation Strategy:

A fair knowledge of basic marketing concepts and clarity in thought is required. 


I was interviewed by the Associate Director at Perfetti Van Melle India and the interaction lasted for about 30 minutes. It involved a thorough discussion on how I work in a team and was asked some situation based questions. They look for clarity in thought, commitment, integrity, dedication, and pragmatism. It would be wise to not exaggerate and be honest when answering. The moment I walked out of the interview room, I knew I wanted to work at an organization like PVMI

Internship experience:

Perfetti Van Melle India is an organization with a strong culture and I felt like a part of the PVMI family from the day of selection. Even before the commencement of the internship, PVMI sent us gift boxes. The virtual induction process was seamless and the whole team was encouraging. I got to interact with the senior leaders and know about the operations and organization structure of Perfetti in depth. I also had an interactive session with co-interns and, even in a virtual setting, we were able to get along really well. I was guided through the Charter of deliverables and expectations were clearly stated. To align my understanding of the project with the expectations, I prepared a Gantt chart with a day-wise schedule for the 8 weeks of internship. 

I worked on shopper strategy for the e-commerce channel for the entire product portfolio of Perfetti Van Melle. It involved increasing the conversion rate for PVMI’s products by maximizing the effectiveness of the marketing activities. I analysed the various visibility assets available on e-commerce platforms and came up with an e-commerce campaign. My project guide arranged various sessions for me to thoroughly understand the e-commerce channel and the presence of confectionery on e-commerce. I had a weekly review to ensure I was on track with the schedule and my work is aligned with the expectations. We had detailed discussions where we explored all the possibilities and the calls always ended with various insights and a deeper understanding of the industry. 

From weekly Tambola and Kahoot quizzes to insightful sessions and constant guidance by my guide, PVMI ensured the best possible experience for an intern to unwrap their potential with excitement, challenges, and productivity at every stage. We also had webinars and online sessions to develop a thorough understanding. 

In the past few weeks at PVMI, I have learned more than I ever expected. Although the virtual internship came with its pros and cons, PVMI ensured that we were least affected by the ongoing pandemic. Apart from conceptual understanding through hands-on experience, I learned to see a problem from a business lens and approach it structurally. The various tools and software learned during the first year of my MBA came in handy during the internship. After the completion of the 8 weeks of my internship, I got an opportunity to present my work before all the functional heads and senior leaders. They shared constructive feedback and appreciated my efforts.

My only advice to my juniors will be to be inquisitive and do not let go of any opportunity to learn. PVMI is an organization that tries to facilitate learning at all points and will be a great experience to unwrap your potential. 

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