InternXperience @OYO- by Karthik KA #16

Preparation strategy/ Tips:

To clear the initial technical round, I practiced the fundamentals of Analytics which would include R and its packages, basics of ML, Tableau, etc. The Group Discussion round demanded an updated knowledge about current happenings, as well as the knack to display the knowledge. This was taken care of with regular newspaper/ news-app readings and the mock GDs hosted by different committees of SCMHRD. For the final interview, one needs to develop a fair understanding of Oyo’s business-scape, in addition to knowledge about the technologies used in Oyo. The interviewer could throw a real or imaginary problem faced by Oyo, and the interviewee is expected to provide suggestions/ solutions within the given time.

Internship experience:

The onboarding team at Oyo pulled off the first-ever virtual internship seamlessly. We were in sync with our mentors and buddies and started to work right away. The eight weeks spent with Oyo helped me gauge my competency against the real world. Although most of what was necessary was a part of our curriculum, there was always something more just around the corner, that’d require for us to buckle down and learn on the go.

The virtual internship also showed me how volatile the external environment can be, and that we’d always have to be on our toes for any surprises that might come our way. In spite of being a part of an industry that was brutally affected by the pandemic, Oyo was graceful in honoring its internship commitments and providing a learning experience to students, just as gracefully as it had weathered these difficult times.

I was involved in a project that sought to reduce revenue pilferage on the operations arm, by addressing faulty properties based on past data. My mentor and buddies were always available for open conversations to iron out any business queries. Towards the end, I was able to deliver a model that did the job and presented it to senior management.

How MBA at SCMHRD helped:

The MBA in Business Analytics programme offered at SCMHRD has been fine-tuned and dynamically honed to provide industry-relevant skills. I can proudly endorse the same by stating that most of the skills that I required to do a good job during my internship were taught to us in the classroom. Combine this with erudite faculty who are always a call/mail away to address your concerns, the internship was a smooth sailing experience. A SCMHRDian would feel empowered to explore different avenues, rather than sticking to generic solutions.

Advice to Juniors:

1.Lap up the lessons learned in class and play around some more with the knowledge by yourself or with your colleagues. Analytics is vast and can go as deep as your interest stretches. Stay up to date with current trends. It adds a practical dimension to your classroom sessions and buttresses your confidence in GDs and Interviews.

2.Always maintain a clear channel of communication with your mentors, teachers and peers, because at the end of the day you cannot do it all alone. Everyone needs help at some point in time, and your connections will prove critical.

3.I also would advise keeping an open mind about things– that’s the only way to look at a problem from different perspectives and arrive at solutions.

Best wishes.

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