InternXperience @OYO- by Apoorv Mehta #3


I largely focussed on case studies freely available on the internet and revised basic concepts of statistics and machine learning before appearing for the summer internship process. My prior experience with a startup provided me with the much-needed guidance as to how to approach a given case and make inferences about the same and helped me crack one of most coveted startups in the hospitality industry – OYO. A single piece of advice from my side to the upcoming batch would be to prepare as many case questions as possible since it not only helps you feel confident during the interviews but also enables you to think outside the box.

Overall Internship Experience:

My internship experience with OYO was not different from what I expected – full of learning. Even with the virtual-mode on, the project which I worked on provided me with much-needed exposure into how organizations can apply analytics into the digital marketing domain. The dynamic nature of different teams at OYO gave me the motivation to work even harder to achieve the goal. As an intern, the learning becomes even more fruitful when you have the support from your mentor and buddy which I did and I am thankful for their guidance and knowledge transfer.

Key learnings and takeaways:

I was a part of the Global Web team of OYO Vacation Homes and my project was to build a predictive model for ROAS and ROI tracking which would help the marketing team to better utilize the money invested in digital marketing space. I learned to extract data from different marketing platforms and also making sense of the data. In addition to this, I also got exposure to some of the basic digital marketing concepts which were a big plus for my personal growth.

Role of MBA during my Summer Internship

The first year of my MBA was a huge help, to say the least. All the basic concepts of statistics and predictive modeling earned and learned during the period enabled me to move forward with my project and gain a decent understanding of what exactly the project requirements were and the ways to achieve it. Having said this, classroom sessions on digital marketing and marketing analytics helped me to stay ahead of the curve. Last but certainly not least, the rigor of the first year of MBA did prove its worth when I was to give dedicated hours to the project during my summer internship.

Advice to junior:

1. My very first advice to the juniors would be to never stop learning and be attentive during classroom sessions. You never know what concept learned in the past comes in handy during your summer internship. Learning should indeed have a constant slope to excel in your project and stay one step ahead.

2. From an interview perspective, you should be able to think through the problem statement given to you rather than just answering out of mere judgment which can only be achieved if you are exposed to such problems well before your interview process.

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