InternXperience @Ninjacart – by PSR Jai Kishan #75

Solace, solace! Yeah, that’s how I felt when, after several intense interviews, I got placed for my Summer Internship.

 Preparation Strategy

Throughout my summer preparation, I started to make sure that every day I read and record interesting information from relevant news that helped me in group discussions. I didn’t know much about the things going on around the globe and instead of reading them through the internet and learning, I started to subscribe to some popular YouTube channels like Vox, where they change the same news into an amusing film which has a screen time of 10-15 minutes. Since I always enjoy watching movies more than reading books, I found these videos fascinating and got to know about many things in the way that’s appealing to me.

When it came to interview training, I didn’t slip into the categories of fresher or well-experienced. I just had a year of corporate exposure.  Seniors informed me that this training will help me answer any type of questions during the interview. Initially, I summarized whatever I have learnt during the year of corporate experience. Since I was an Electronic Engineer, I checked the projects which I have mentioned in my curriculum vitae and recollected the learnings from them Then, from the information seniors shared with me, I learnt the basic Marketing concepts and strategies.

I took a year break to study for MBA entrance exams after quitting my job. During my interview, I was asked about what constructively I did during this year of preparations. I had prepared very well for this question, which made me answer it with confidence.

Internship Experience

I was preparing myself for a virtual internship when lockdown 3.0 began. Yet, then I got the mail from Ninjacart.  It said only my onboarding is virtual, and not my internship. At Thiruthani(Tamilnadu), I was assigned the position of City Manager Intern, and I was asked to travel to the reporting place.

Once I went there and started my internship during this tough time, it made me realise “Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”

Wearing sanitisers, shoes, masks after getting to the location and I was able to cope with the new normal. My day began at 4 am, when I woke and went to the market to check all of the SKU’s wholesale rates. If I collect the rates, I tell the city manager of those rates. After this, I would continue to support the last mile distribution during which I had the ability to address organizational problems such as postponed shipping, unpicked clients, tracking returns, and technical glitch before 11 am. I would travel with the sales team from 11.30 am to 7 pm to learn the market position and learn consumer requirements. After 9 PM, I look at the data along with the city manager and create a business plan for the subsequent day


I encountered a different start-up community in Ninjacart with no formal working hours, no dress code, and the right to call the employees at any hours even outside the business. It also gave me the opportunity to supply many people with fruits and vegetables during the COVID crisis.

Overall, my internship helped me evolve professionally and made me learn about a start-up’s business plan, sales, logistics, human resources and even.

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