InternXperience @Infraline Energy – by Rupali Jadhav #52

The first major struggle in the fun MBA journey begins with the summer internship placements. It is when every corner of the campus has students reading books and newspapers, and everyone is burning the midnight oil for their preparation. Student groups are seen to be conducting mock GDs in every class and every conversation turns out to be a discussion or a personal interview. The process begins with CV shortlisting, GDs, PIs, and finally selection. MBA Summer Internships are crucial in a student’s MBA journey as it is an opportunity for the students to have hands-on experience in a company.

“If the process feels challenging, remind yourself that it was your goal and you can achieve it”


I was a fresher when I joined SCMHRD and I felt a little frisson of excitement and fear to start my journey but time flew by and it was the time for summer internships. Preparing for summers began sooner than I thought and it all started with everyone flooding the library, reading in their free time, newspapers were read every morning and discussed, seniors were helping us with the required material and sources and everyone was trying to be up to date with all the current events in the market. Everyone has their own strong suit, some are great at academics and some are well experienced in the field they want to work in and that helped us help each other during the process.

The placement process is stressful and it is very important for you to be patient. You need to be confident about yourself and not panic about it.

Internship experience:

Despite not working in a traditional office environment, I still wanted to make the most of my experience. I interned with Infraline Energy for my summers and my projects were mainly research-oriented. During my internship, I used to have weekly calls with my mentor to guide me through my project. The overall experience helped me learn a new sense of professionalism and a view of what it meant to be working in a professional world. It definitely helped me work on my time management skills as I was dealing with a few deadlines for the reports that were to be submitted to the client. My eight weeks of internship allowed me to grow personally, but it also helped me to gain knowledge about the Indian roads and highway sector, contracts, laws, directorates, etc.

Tips for the juniors :

After working hard to get into a good B School, it is relevant to keep up the pace with determination and hard work. Managing time is a trait everyone should work on as you will be facing multiple assignments and projects at the same time. You should get the advantage of all the resources that your college has to offer you. You will have to sacrifice sleep while your preparations so that you can bag the best opportunity available.

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