InternXperience @Infraline – by Ashi Madhariya #72

Summer placements and summer internships are an exquisite part of MBA learning. It’s like a teaser for the film you are looking forward to. For the 2019 batch, our film is going to release later in 2021 after a breakthrough teaser of 2020 which has turned the entire world upside down. We, the batch of 2019 are the virtually experienced batch, completed our summer internship via a virtual platform. For me, it was nothing different. I interned at Infraline Energy, an information solutions consultancy.

Interview Preparation:

As already said, summer placements forming an exquisite part of the MBA journey require rigorous preparation. You just enter your college and the word that comes out of everyone’s mouth is “summers”. The tough nights, several sessions on group discussions and interviews bring out the confidence in you. You will taste the flavor of what it is to sit at a management position of a firm just by managing the asperities of academics and placements simultaneously.

Internship Experience:

I was a fresher looking forward to my summer internship to get the real taste of the corporate culture but due to unforeseen circumstances virtual meetings, discussions, presentations and virtual working became the main ingredients of my internship. It was really enriching to bring out an overview of the corporate culture of my company, work on the project with my mentor and senior management who gave me holistic knowledge of what it’s like to be part of any corporate culture. Plus my project paved the way for knowing one of the most profitable sectors of the future, the Indian solar industry. My work in the sector made me gain the insights and nuances of the sector. Virtual learning and working is going to be the new future, where adapting to it is the only way to excel in the field we have chosen.

How MBA at SCMHRD helped:

MBA life is a roller coaster ride but with a proper set of friends, life becomes an amazing adventure you never want to miss. My first year on campus was nothing but a trail of anecdotes.

Advice to Juniors:

Here is a small piece of advice to the junior batch,

1.Build a world of friends that resonates with you, they will make your life beautiful and you will start loving the days and evenings of stress and pressure.

2. Also, MBA is a 2 year period of opportunities at your doorstep, unleash your potential and grab the moments. These two recommendations will make your MBA worth the time and money.

Now, the only thing remaining for both the batches is to be back on campus replenished with lots of zeal and enthusiasm to witness what future beholds. Wishing every day for the day to come!

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