InternXperience @IBM – by Deesha Bhosale #63

Indubitably, the time is not how it should be, and hence, nothing else around us is happening the same way. That doesn’t mean it can’t be conquered. All that is required is little tweaks to the daily and long-term strategies that we deploy to achieve our goals.


You put the first foot into an MBA school, and the transition starts. With each day passing, you learn so many things that evolve you throughout. A tight schedule is one everyone dreads. The schedule not just demands your physical presence but the mental presence as well. But that’s not a thing to worry about. An MBA school culture drives you in a way that instills a different kind of enthusiasm. For instance, extra-curricular activities, competitions, committees, etc. are not compulsory, but still, these things always witness high participation. You become how the culture is around you. So, it is not as difficult as one thinks it to be before entering.

The Beginning and The Process:

But one thing that requires you to be different from everyone else is preparation for your internships. The thought doesn’t skip one at all, it’s just that students don’t know where to begin. And at that point, begins the rat race, which doesn’t bear much fruit. One needs to understand that one has come from different work experiences and one should try to leverage that unique strength. Contemplate what you have achieved till now and write it down. That can count your achievements in graduation, the extra-curricular activities, the work experience, your passion, or anything unique.

Another thing worth mentioning is to stay updated with the business news. We might have a habit of reading newspapers but it is a normal tendency to skip business pages. Stay acquainted with the corporate world. Not just that, the curriculum that is being taught should be digested in a factual way rather than a theoretical way. It can be done by participating in competitions. You may not win, but solving the problems push your thinking limit that helps to answer the scenario-based questions and crack the interviews.

Not just that, being specific about your goals sometimes helps. Have a piece of thorough information on what kind of companies come to your college, what you want, and how you are going to target them. This is not a necessity though. Being clueless about what you want at this point in your life is perfectly fine. But knowing what are the opportunities that you have the chance to grab is crucial. Talk to your seniors and faculties. This saves one from the rat race and works more smartly.

The Experience and The End:

In these difficult times, I was one of the luckiest people who got to intern virtually. IBM provided me with that opportunity but that doesn’t mean everything was as smooth as it ought to be. Getting into something new without physical interaction with your mentors and then making sure that it is successful, is a little difficult. It requires collaborative and interpersonal skills. Where you have to make sure that the queries are resolved so that you can pursue the projects, you also have to take care that you smartly consolidate them to save the time of everyone including you.

Overall, the internship experience was fruit-bearing as it instilled and upgraded a lot of skills in me. I now understand how planning is crucial for bringing in results to something. Doing a project from start to end and making sure, it’s helpful to the organization demands a lot of things like time management and not to mention technical aptitude. The learning curve was such that each day I learned faster and better. Not just that, the sense of confidence that I carry now is probably much higher than what it had been if the times were normal.

You have to find extrinsic motivations and pros out of little things to push yourselves to be a better version of yourself. As it is rightly said, “When you leap of faith, make sure that the person that catches you on the other side, is none other than the better version of yourself”.

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