InternXperience @Glance-InMobi Group- by Vijay Garg #29

Preparation for the Dream:

Glance, InMobi Group is the biggest indigenous lock screen content and marketing platform. As a business analytics student, I have to have an understanding of all the business aspects of the marketing world. As Glance has to deal with the user’s data to enhance the user experience, I have to revise all the data extraction and data related techniques such as SQL, tableau, etc. Focused all this passion to explore, learn, and contribute to the Highest growing content platform that crosses 100mn daily active users in India.

Interview experience:

During this pandemic, we all have to give virtual rounds of interviews. In this regard, I had two virtual interviews which lasted for about 40 minutes cumulative. The first interview was with the Senior HR Business Partner at InMobi Group. She asked me about my past experience and my eagerness to work with the product based company. She also asked me about my expectations from the Glance. Another Interview was with the Director of Product Management at Glance Digital Experience Pvt Ltd (a subsidiary of InMobi Group). Unlike other casual conversations, it is a long technical interview that covers all the analytical aspects that are needed for the product based company.  

12 weeks of unforgettable journey: 

Like any other analytics enthusiast, I always wanted to work with a product based company.  As soon as my internship started, I had to attend a week-long induction program. One week program that had persons from HR, technology, Product, IT, etc presented a holistic view of the company mission, value, and policies in my mind that ultimately boost my motivation towards my work. The learning experience and the corporate exposure that I received during my short stint will be revered throughout my journey so far in analytics and the foreseeable future. Going against the odds with a very positive attitude during the pandemic season is what the company portrayed and imparted to everyone associated.

End-to-end Journey: 

Data based insight generation is my forte and I had worked forward to increase product retention with this internship to use my approaches and algorithms to be fruitful for Glance.

Constant guidance, Feedbacks, mentoring, and constant encouragement at every step of my project made my journey never to be forgotten that ultimately helped me to sharpen my analytical and business prospects. I had the liberty of approaching my mentor anytime without any restrictions. The company made sure that there is a very fruitful and seamless communication channel set between the interns and the company POCs. 

We have had stress-burster sessions featuring games and interactions during the internship period which helped me build a rapport with the other employees and understand how the company took care of their employees. During the WFH era, all pain-points were lifted by such careful measures implemented by the company.

Special thanks to the team Glance, InMobi group, for this enriching experience that I had dreamt of. It was ideally the best experience I have had during my term of MBA in Business Analytics.

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