InternXperience @Edelweiss Securities Limited -by Saloni Sighaniya #20

Preparation strategy:

I started with focusing on the company’s profile. I read about what company is all about before I sat for the interview process. I went through the website, social media pages to know about the services provided by the company.

The main aspect to concentrate on was what values companies hold and why I want to be a part of that company.

Overall interview experience

I had two rounds of interview, the first one was with the head of campus recruitment and talent management. I made sure that I looked confident and happy. It creates a positive environment before you start the interview. My interview was through a skype call therefore I was loud and clear with all my answers. To appear for PI one must try to speak confidently with proper communication skills. Even if the answers to every question are not known one must never get nervous.

I had another round of interview with the Head HR, and she was so encouraging and motivating, the best part of the interview was she asked me about my Expectations from the Company and how I would like to customize my 8-week experience to gain the most from it.

Overall internship experience

My internship was my first ever corporate experience. It was more like a roller-coaster as the internship was a virtual learning experience for me. I started my two months’ internship with full enthusiasm and motivation.

As soon as my internship began, a warm induction program was conducted for the team of interns to make us feel comfortable, and a part of the company.

I was given two projects to handle as a part of my job under the guidance of my mentors. My mentors explained to me my project deliverables and was asked to create a Gantt chart encompassing my week wise schedule. The entire team made it easy for me to fit in and helped me progress with my project.

Edelweiss organized various interactive sessions with the heads of different business units within EGIA which made me develop a good understanding of what the entire company is all about and give a wholesome experience to me.

Soon I started working on my projects, the first project required me to give recommendations of a virtual learning platform that can be implemented in EGIA as a part of employee training. The second project focused on framing the process and giving recommendations to increase diversity and inclusion within the company in the coming years.

Both my mentors were my constant guidance. They motivated me and encouraged me to do better at every step of my internship journey. The internship experience with Edelweiss is truly a learning experience for me.

At the end of the internship, I got to present both my projects in front of head HRs and I got some very good feedback which can help me develop further in my life.

Key learnings and takeaways from internship:

I have some great learning experience from my internship. I learned all about the projects I was working on but besides that, some of the major learnings which can help me for a lifetime are: 

Responsibility: I understood the importance of what responsibility means when you are given a project and are trusted by your mentors.

Time management: Finishing both the projects within a given time with the best work was difficult to manage but if you allocate time to each project in the best manner, it becomes possible.

Sense of accomplishment: “it is important to have a sense of accomplishment when you achieve something”. It helps to increase your motivation and work harder.

Importance of networking: Don’t underestimate yourself; make sure you make the most of your internship and take advantage of all the opportunities that come with it. 

Learning from the first year of your MBA and how it helped you during the internship

MBA helped me to be a more confident person than I was and to put my views in front of others. MBA has helped me to acquire knowledge and given me a number of opportunities.

It has taught me how to deal with high-pressure situations and the value of time which has really helped me during my internship.

What advice you would like to give your juniors?

I would like to say that they make best use of these 2 years in learning and participating in different activities. Making connections in MBA goes a long way and it can benefit them for their lifetime.

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