InternXperience @Ecolab- by Akash Phaniteja Nellutla #46

The most important thing that actually matters when you are an Analyst is your perspective.

Internship Preparation:

Being a Business Analytics student, my preparation strategy was to be clear in the fundamental concepts of statistics, databases, and machine learning apart from the regular topics of HR and Marketing. Also, having knowledge about the company and the recent developments in the area the company is operating in are some of the key pointers which I had taken care of. Besides all the above, being confident and honest throughout the process, helped me secure an internship in Ecolab

Internship Experience:

My experience working as an intern in Ecolab was wonderful. I really feel glad to be a part of this organization because it is one of those companies which strives to create a positive impact by making the world cleaner, safer, and healthier to live in. It is also one of those organizations that are actually working in the frontline in such a scenario. 

Coming to the point of my experience with Ecolab, due to the COVID scenario, the organization has decided to make the internship a virtual one. I had a virtual onboarding session and then later got to know about the team.

Being a part of the Supply Chain Data Analytics team of Ecolab, I’ve got the chance to work on various projects which involved automation, gaining insights from data in order to save up on transportation costs and creating visualizations for the same. Utilizing the time before the internship started in order to improve my knowledge of some tools which would be useful helped me to work more efficiently. My mentors were very supportive throughout and were frequently in touch in order to find out if I was facing any difficulties. Though it felt a bit different to have virtual team meetings, team events, and knowledge sharing sessions due to the current situation, these events helped me to establish a bond with my colleagues and feel like a part of the company. I am very thankful to each of those who made this experience an exciting and enriching one so far.

Working upon the topics taught in the class in order to expand my knowledge and learn new things, presenting insights/solutions in analytics case study competitions depending on their requirement during my first year helped me to adjust to the way of working in Ecolab.

My advice to the junior batch:

Some tips or advice to the juniors would be – never compare yourself with your batchmates in terms of learning because everyone has their own area of expertise, try to learn as much as you can from your peers who know it better than you and vice versa, participate in the case study competitions honestly and especially the analytics competitions for the analytics juniors which would help you to think out of the box and prepare yourself for the corporate world. As an analyst you would be expected to deal with large amounts of data, so try working upon datasets which actually interest you, for example, if your interest lies in movies, try working upon a movie dataset, this way you would be preparing yourself for the journey ahead and at the same time learning something new. Besides all the above things, take time for yourself, party, travel when you have time, never stress yourself, and take one day at a time.

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