InternXperience @DIAGEO India- by Nitin Khuteta #12

My Summer Internship at Diageo India has been full of enlightenment and fun. Like any other marketing, I felt very happy after getting selected at a consumer goods brand with a very vast portfolio and spent my time about reading about their brands and the practices at Diageo nationally and globally.

When my internship started, it was in the online mode and we had an amazing virtual onboarding experience and had interacted with the senior leaders of the company. It was really inspirational. My project was on creating brand resonance of our Luxury Brands in the North East Region of India with Key Accounts and I got to work on all these global brands under the Diageo Portfolio. While doing my project, I learned about how the locality, culture, festivals and even tourism affect this industry. It took a lot of analysis of sales and social media to understand the scope of improvement and further work and benchmarking on a global level to understand what brands are doing and what is being received well by the customers.

As a result, I gave a social media strategy after analysing its effectiveness and suggested some sustenance measures for countering the COVID scenario.

During the internship I had my own joy moments and lots of learning. There is this one practice called Co-Stories by Diageo in which regional leaders come forward to narrate their success stories about recent business deals and new Key Accounts added which gave a lot of insights to me about my project as well. It happens twice a week and the best thing is there is a quiz and a Do It Yourself Cocktail Session at the end of it.

Through the two months of internship, all the interns got a chance to understand all the verticals of Diageo: Commercial, Marketing, HR, Supply and Finance. We even got the chance to attend a live Chat and Cheers session with Virat Kohli which was exclusive for Diageo Employees. It was a dream come true for most of the interns.

The leaders whom we interacted with have been truly inspirational and they encouraging and the company truly believes in Innovation and Newness of ideas. They accepted all our ideas and recommendations with an open heart.

After this two-month internship at Diageo, I am definitely a changed person and taking a lot from the organization. They have taught us to Celebrate Life, Everyday, Everywhere. They have also taught me integrity and commitment and after these two months I can definitely say one phrase with full confidence:  Character is Everything.

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