InternXperience @Capgemini- by Ankita Chugh #4

Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can”. This is one of the key learnings from my internship at Capgemini.

Preparation strategy and interview:

I interned with Capgemini as a Senior Trainee in financial services. Risk management forms an integral part of financial services. The world of risk is ever-changing. Challenging economic times, volatile world events and fast-changing technology are making organizations more vulnerable. The preparation strategy of such interviews revolves around being acquainted with the happenings of the world. Reading the newspaper, research journals on upcoming trends kept me abreast of transformations in this dynamic world. My 2-year work experience at Amazon in the field of risk management helped me gain in-depth knowledge of the domain.

The selection process involves two elimination rounds that test your capabilities. These are:

  • Group discussion
  • Two personal interview rounds

In the first round, we had a constructive discussion on a current topic in a group of 10 people. This was followed by an interview with the technical team. The interview revolved around questions on how I will implement effective risk management strategies in the insurance sector to meet the company’s objectives. Thereafter, I had an interview with the HR who discussed with me my life-goals and my expectations from the internship. An important point to note here is that honesty is one of the core values of Capgemini and the interview panel expects the intern to be completely transparent and truthful.

Internship experience and key takeaways:

 Each day brought new challenges and new opportunities to learn. The technical expertise and interpersonal skills gained during the first year of MBA proved to be of great help during my internship. I was assigned the project of implementing digital transformation in the insurance sector. I designed a mobile app and website to fully automate the process of claims in homeowner’s insurance. The expertise and vast experience of my mentor and staff at Capgemini helped me develop a solution that could change the game in the insurance sector.

The internship taught me how to meet deadlines, how to work on projects independently and most importantly how to make connections with senior employees and fellow interns. I am sure that the learnings I take from here will help me achieve a milestone in my career ahead.

Advice to Juniors

1.The internship is the most important phase of an MBA journey. Make it a great learning experience for yourself. Commit entirely to your work during internship hours (no cell phone use, no homework or other distractions). If there is a time when you have no tasks assigned to you, ask your mentor for additional responsibilities.

2.Start building your network. Other people in the company might be able to help you with the research. Do not hesitate to approach senior employees or leaders to get guidance. 

3.One of the crucial things for an intern is attitude. In the eyes of new colleagues and mentors, you are young and unproven. Take ownership of the tasks assigned to you, put in a little extra effort to help your peers, always be curious to learn new things.

Make sure these two months make you a better version of yourself !!

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