InternXperience @BuildMyInfra- by Nikhil Dhole #45

Preparation Strategy:

BuildMyInfra, as the name suggests, the company is in the construction of infrastructure and logistics projects like warehouses and other turnkey projects, thus one needs to brush up the current happenings in the Infrastructure sector in India as well as abroad, what is the scope of infrastructure in near as well as long term future, what are the best practices employed worldwide in warehousing and last but not the least, various types of projects and means and ways of procurement. Finally, one needs to have in-depth knowledge of the company and its projects.

Interview process:

My first round of Interviews was with HR. It started with an introduction and then followed by general interview questions like strengths and weaknesses. After this, questions related to the scope of infrastructure and some sector related questions were asked. It was an engaging interview experience and towards the end, both were comfortable enough to talk about personal well being in this pandemic. The next round of virtual interviews was conducted by the CEO of the company himself perhaps to gauge my potential. He was one of the most energetic persons I have talked to and during the interview, he asked me about my expectations from the company during the 2 months of internship. As BuildMyInfra (BMI) is a startup, he encouraged and inspired me to exploit the opportunity and learn as much as I can from this internship as he told me that I am selected.

The 2 months of Marathon Run:

The induction session was conducted virtually by none other than the CEO along with other experts from the company. It was a zestful session where we got to talk with the industry experts with a plethora of experience in various domains. During the session, I got to know the peers from various colleges and got the opportunity to connect with them. It was followed by a task based on our CV and on the basis of that we were supposed to get the project for our internship.

Following this, we were assigned mentors and our internship project. My internship was in the Marketing research department in ‘Sustainable warehousing’. Although it is said that nothing can match the on-field experience of an internship but the BMI team had properly carved out the plans to not let the interns feel the void of the on-field internship by making this virtual internship as holistic and enriching as possible. 

My project included research on ways and means to increase the efficiency of warehouses and providing innovative ideas to improve the productivity of warehouses by making it sustainable as per the needs of Indian markets. The output of research had to be in solid figures, in percentage, like if we employ a dynamic racking system instead of static racking, how much cost, energy, and space-saving can be achieved in percentage and not vaguely. If I failed to find it then dig deeper but come up with numbers. During the entire run, my mentor as well as other officials of BMI were extremely helpful as they helped me overcome all the obstacles that I faced during the internship. 

During the internships, we had regular coffee sessions with peers and industry experts where we got to learn from their experience and increased the bonding between fellow students. 

All in all the environment in BMI was stimulating, motivating, and nourishing. In these two months, I grew personally as well as professionally. At the end, I got to present my work to Industry officials who lauded my efforts by noticing every minute detail and ensured that they will employ these suggestions in their future projects and promised to stay in touch.

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