InternXperience @Ascent Health and Wellness Solutions – by Akshay Jaryal #73

Preparation Strategy:

The first three months of MBA are the most crucial ones where you find a change in yourself as you prepare for summers. Also, participating in various competitions enhance not only your knowledge but also how you look at things differently in terms of marketing. I participated in and won many competitions. I was one of the national finalists for the Hero Campus Challenge hosted by Hero Moto Corp. It went on for two months and I got to learn a lot from my teammates and the senior leaders of Hero Moto Corp who were guiding us really well. Therefore, they will be remembered throughout my corporate journey. Being active in all the competitions has given me the understanding to come up with new ideas to target specific consumers which helped me a lot in my summer internship.

Internship experience:

This was my first taste of the corporate/startup world, and I did not know what to expect. However, my colleagues were extremely helpful and approachable, which made me feel comfortable working at Ascent. My Internship project was to come up with new ideas and strategies to generate revenue for the new business segment launched by the company. I worked closely with the Senior leaders and they gave me full freedom to work and test the strategies in real-time. Also, I was handling strategic relationships with corporate clients which enhanced my ability to build relationships. I was treated like any other regular employee of the company. My 8 weeks at Ascent Health and wellness allowed me to grow personally and professionally. 

This being my first ever corporate experience, gave me a great platform to learn how the pharma industry works and also a well-structured understanding of sales and marketing. The level of responsibility given to me and the skills acquired in such a short span of time indeed made it a memorable experience.

Advice to Juniors:

 I would advise juniors to participate in all the corporate and college competitions because it will give them immense learning and shape them as a good manager. 

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