InternXperience @ABFRL- by Sayandip Chakraborty #42

Preparation strategy:

To prepare for the placement process at ABFRL, you need to be aware of what is happening in the world, both in your domain and in the socio-political sphere. I used to read the news every day and try to form an opinion based on the events. To know about the current trends in HR and understand the practical aspects of business, I followed management blogs regularly. Having free-flowing discussions with my friends on various topics also helped me to see things from different perspectives. Also, trying to understand me as a person helped me to portray a better picture while introducing myself.

Overall internship experience:

From the onboarding process to the final reviews, everything was seamlessly handled, and to help us understand how ABFRL operates and how each function plays its role in it, we had regular sessions with senior leaders from different verticals. The projects given to us were also relevant to the current requirements of the company and my project was a blend of HR Operations and HR Strategy. Whenever I needed any assistance, be it for the project or any other issue, my mentor was always there for me and he would advise me on how to move forward. Interacting with senior leadership during the project helped me understand how they see business.

Key learnings and takeaways:

As part of my project, I had to understand the entire Sales and Retail Operations functions – how they function, what the responsibilities are for each role, and how decisions are made. This helped me to form an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the Retail Sector and while creating a new decision-making structure, identifying avenues for cost reduction, and saving man-hours, I learned how to put the theories I learned in class into use.

Learnings from my 1st year of MBA that helped:

Looking at a problem statement from multiple angles was something that was ingrained in us during our 1st year MBA classes and that helped me immensely during my internship. Also, knowing how to take semi-structured interviews paid off for me.

Advice for juniors:

I would ask my juniors to learn the theoretical aspects of HR well and understand their applications. Having a clear idea about oneself will also come in handy during interviews as that is also an integral part of the interview process.

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