InternXperience @ABFRL – by Pranav Dani #69

The significant battle in the MBA venture starts with the Summer Internships. You are hardly into college for a couple of months, still adjusting to the new environment, when it dawns upon you that you must start preparing for your Summers at the earliest. Everyone is looking forward to Summer Internships and wants to give their best shot to grab the finest opportunities. Right from building and polishing your CV to having practice GDs with your friends, everyone is bustling with excitement, hoping to get placed in their dream company. The campus is inundated with loads of discussions happening among students. Summer Internships are crucial in a student’s MBA journey as it is an opportunity for the students to have hands-on experience in a company.

Interview preparations:

Preparation for Summers began even before I realized that I have started with it. Be it discussions in the hostel about the economy, or chats with seniors regarding your specialization and the concerned industry, or reading articles and newspapers daily in the college library to keep yourself updated with the market activities. I did not have any prior work experience before joining SCMHRD, and the blend of people from various backgrounds and numerous fields helped me hone my skills as I adapted into the MBA lifestyle. Apart from keeping my head up and taking all the necessary guidance to sail through the journey, daily doses of self-motivation and determination helped me keep my mind calm, hence I could focus better.

My company quickly reshaped to the COVID-19 situation and despite its stores and other operations being shut throughout the country, they swiftly transformed the entire internship into a virtually based one. My project was an extensively research-oriented and involved analysis of Consumer Behaviour post-COVID-19. My mentor guided me at every stage of the project and other professionals in the company were also accessible to reach out for help during my internship. My co-interns helped me learn the value of teamwork and dedication, as all of us were working remotely, yet we managed to share the burden of work and gracefully completed the project. The general experience helped me become familiar with a new sense of professionalism. My internship enhanced my personal growth as well as it helped me gain some meaningful insights into the fashion world. During the pandemic, helping in the household duties along with working in a new environment, truly gave me an enriching experience and it will stay with me forever.

My advice to juniors:

Securing a seat in a B-school is not enough, the real struggle starts when you compete with your peers. Apart from adjusting to the hectic schedule of an MBA, you also have to learn to manage time well so that your other chores are also done in time because the MBA is more than just attending lectures. You probably will have to let go of a few hours of your daily sleep, but trust me, if you put that saved hours to good use, no one can stop you from getting into your dream company on campus. One thing is paramount – having faith in yourself!

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