InternXperience @_VOIS- by Advait Patil #38

Preparation strategy:

In terms of preparation, my focus was always on building a strong foundation in terms of domain knowledge and being myself. Having a broad understanding of the structure and functioning of a shared services Organisation was definitely helpful as well.

Internship experience:

The past two months at _VOIS have been extremely rewarding & have helped me to grow as a better HR professional.  I received immense support, guidance, and help from everyone at _VOIS throughout the course of my internship! One major aspect of my internship which really made the whole experience valuable was the constant support from my manager and everyone in the team that I was working with. Their guidance and insights helped me to keep moving in the right direction. The entire Leadership team at _VOIS was very helpful and shared their insights at the different stages of my internship as well. They really encouraged all the interns to give their best which coupled with the fact that my manager ensured that I would always have access to any resources which I may require during the course of my internship made my journey at _VOIS as an Explore Summer Intern a truly memorable one.

As an intern at _VOIS, I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to learn many different functional & non-functional aspects, which was something I tried to utilize as much as possible. Some of my key learnings that I will be taking away with me post my internship are mainly Being agile, creating synergy in teams, being persistent while doing my tasks, and understanding that as a manager Trust can be a much more effective tool to improve performance rather than micro-managing everyone. Some of my functional learnings were understanding how to design policies & benefits, engaging team members virtually, understanding Total Rewards Strategies & how to add value for the organization while considering the needs of all the functions as well.

The first year of my MBA helped me build a strong foundation in terms of theoretical domain knowledge which I was able to strengthen and enlarge through my internship. I also participated extensively in various Corporate Competitions as well which gave me a basic understanding of how to go about building a framework to counter any potential obstacles that may arise in various different scenarios.

Key learnings as an intern:

One important aspect that needs to be paid attention to is the fact that all the interns from the Batch of 2021 had virtual internships which made me realize the importance of connecting and engaging with employees in the organization where you are interning. It helps us as interns to not only understand and learn various functional and non-functional skills used by them but also gives us a deeper insight into the culture of the Organisation. It is also important to connect regularly with your manager to understand their expectations in terms of the output so that you can ensure that your internship inputs help to create value for the Organisation in the long term as well.

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