Internship Diaries: Season 1, Episode 5: Ayush Gupta (OYO Rooms)

The Summer Internship Program by Oravel Stays Private Ltd popularly known as OYO started with an induction program. The 1-day induction program took us through work culture,  Achievements, growth and the expansion journey which OYO has achieved at a rapid rate. We were enlightened about Oyo’s business details by leaders and in short, on the first day itself we got a teaser to the challenges that awaits us in coming 12 weeks.
On day 2, I got my project and laptop and the roller coaster ride was on.
My project involved creating a visibility to decrease the analysis time for any property level issues and automating the process of generating daily level reports. Not only this, I got the chance to work on other ongoing projects and tasks with different teams which really made me push myself out of my comfort zone.
But this journey was not as smooth as it seems. I faced and tackled many different challenges during the internship. I still remember that 3 weeks into internship, my first project was discarded because of lack of clarity about the impact that my project could have to organization. That
incident seriously pushed me back and made me understand that ultimately, it’s the dollar value opportunity attached to work which is most crucial for any project success. If there is no impact of any work, then we better don’t invest time on it. This was one of the biggest learnings for me from the internship. The other thing which I felt was very crucial is communication. I made sure that I had regular discussions about the project with my mentor so as to know his point of view also
which really helped in delivering project with greater impact.
I also received a Pre Placement Offer from Oyo and I truly believe in the end – it is your perseverance, dedication and willingness to learn which makes the difference during internship. There will be times when you will feel disheartened by work and would feel like quitting but then
that’s the time to work even harder.