Internship Diaries: Season 1, Episode 4: Balasubramanian V (Maersk GSC)

I was highly elated for being selected in the first batch of the 2 year MBA Business Analytics
program in SCMHRD. I had come to Pune with a lot of excitement and high expectations .It was a new course introduced and the profile of this batch meant all the 30 candidates from diverse backgrounds had a minimum 2 years of work experience. It was an exciting batch to be part of. I joined this program approximately 1.5 months after it had commenced. I previously worked for TCS in Chennai as an IT Analyst.
When the summer internship interview process started, I was hoping to join one of the best companies coming to the Campus. I was shortlisted for Maersk GSC, the captive unit of a liner
shipping company .This was the second year Maersk GSC was recruiting summer interns.
Fortunately I managed to crack the placement process for the same.
On April 2nd 2018, I joined Maersk GSC office in Pune and had a one day induction program
with other fellow interns. It was an enjoyable day with both fun filled activities and a detailed
overview about the company. After the induction, I was assigned to the Business Finance Team-
Costing team and I met my mentor and other leaders. I was not given any project
statement/problem statement in hand. The first week was spent in interacting with team
members, trying to understand their activities and within a week, I had my first review with
leaders. They had asked me to come up with a defined problem statement by identifying the
potential areas of improvement and challenges for the Business Finance Team.
Next few weeks were spent in formulating the project objectives, timelines and coming up with
actionable plans. Every week in Maersk GSC, all the management interns had one knowledge
session with the senior leaders, who shared an overview about their business units, provided us
insights and it was a great learning curve for me as I tried to reach out to them for cross
functional association.
My project area was identified in optimising the forecast process of one of Maersk’s operation
costs and it was a very enriching experience to understand existing process and come up with a
different method to improve their forecasting. The senior leadership including the General
Managers and the Director were very approachable for any kind of inputs. It was a very flat
hierarchy and I could meet the senior leaders anytime and their support and inputs during the
course of 3 months made a lot of difference to my project .My mentor provided unstinted support
and always encouraged me to look at the project from diverse perspectives. I also worked
additionally on another mini project after finishing my primary project.
I enjoyed my time at Maersk GSC, met a lot of people, made some good friends and understood
a fair bit of the company business. Shipping is a unique industry albeit different from other
Finally, the project was implemented across 1 quarter and the results were appreciated by the
management. This continuous effort for 3 months was rewarded as I was offered a coveted Pre
placement offer (PPO) and I am looking forward to joining this great company next year.
For the juniors who are aspiring for the summer internship with the company, I would like to
advise the following:

1) Do not forget to enjoy this phase of MBA and career as this is one of the best times in your
2) Understand basic Statistics and Business concepts in a sound manner.
3) Track the current affairs, happenings around the respective specialisations. Try to have a
unique perspective and opinions towards any problem.
4)”Never Give up come what may” and always be self-resilient. Work very hard for fulfilling
your dreams. Be self-confident and follow CDSE (Continuously Directed Self-motivated Effort),

All the Very Best!!