Internship Diaries: Season 1, Episode 3: Varun Londhe (Reliance Industries Ltd.)

My summers with Reliance Industries Ltd.(RIL) was so far the best ever experience I ever had
in the corporate world. Right from the days of the pre-placement talk, it was very clear that RIL
was going to be one of the biggest conglomerates coming to hire for the first time MBA
Business Analytics batch.
I always had apprehensions about what kind of roles will be offered to someone who opted
Business Analytics as a specialization. But all my fears were addressed when I received the
project charter in the first week of March. Despite the fact that generally a project charter for
summers is only a loose framework about what kind of work is expected, it was still very evident
that the project was completely based on Analytics.
When it began, it came to me as a surprise as I was assigned a different project. Contrary to the
earlier project which involved working on hardcore statistical data analysis, the revised project
was entirely based on Natural Language Processing which involved working not just on a
machine. It also required day to day meetings with the stakeholders. Rather than directly
working on the solution, what was more challenging for me was to understand the business
problem first and then leverage the analytical skills to come to a feasible and efficient solution.
Over the span of 3 months at RIL, I got the chance to work on a variety of buzzword
technologies which essentially included NLP, Shallow learning, Deep learning, speech to text
conversion APIs. But what was equally important was about the understanding of the RIL
business (and typical challenges faced) particularly in Refining and Marketing domain. I believe
the most important learning I had from these 3 months was conversing with RIL leadership in
the language of business keeping in mind about the statistical insights.
After developing the solution over the 3 months, I can see myself as someone who can now
survive working on the aforementioned technologies and at the same time understand the
business quite well. All my efforts were paid off during my final review of the project as it was
very well-liked by the senior leadership and I got a pre-placement offer from RIL.

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