Internship Diaries: Season 1, Episode 2: Tarun Kuruvilla (Bajaj Auto)

Being the first batch students of MBA-Business Analytics, most of us were really apprehensive about the kind of companies and profiles that were going to be offered. On top of that Bajaj was never in the picture of the companies taking in interns from the Business Analytics programme. So, it was quite surprising when I got the shortlist for Bajaj and finally landed the internship.
Interning at Bajaj was indeed a great experience. This was the first time that Bajaj had a Summer
Internship programme for the course and it really showed in the attention given to details – right
from the projects assigned, to the mentors chosen and the execution of the whole internship programme named ‘Octane’. Significance of the projects could be gauged from the fact that almost all the projects were implemented or the insights gathered were put to use as inputs for next phases of implementation. The senior leadership, from the senior managers to the presidents of verticals, were also very approachable throughout the internship and multiple interactions were organized with them. My apprehension regarding the profile were put at ease as I was assigned to the Management Information Systems vertical and given a project to put in a place a system to gather data after which I had to figure out key performance indicators and represent those in a dashboard.
Bajaj is a company in the nascent stages of analytics being implemented in the organization. So,
when I was given the Pre-placement offer I grabbed it with both hands. This is because I know for a fact that being there initially when there are going to hiccups and challenges is when learning
opportunities are the most.

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