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Exactly, this week last year we were probably living the best of times, nurturing and creating the best of memories we could ever build and cherish, all of it mask-free. Little to our notice did we realize the scale of ‘WORRY’ heading down our way. As the days progressed into weeks, weeks later translated to months, all culminating to the most dreaded word of the year – ‘LOCKDOWN’, a word that still gives me chills down my spine as I write this piece, that’s how intense the year 2020 was. 

However, keeping the gloom and our masks away, we as humans have always known to evolve, the creation of man comes in through a story of evolution, we evolved from being mere apes to more civilized looking social humans, from there we made our way to the stone age and then evolving into humans with a commercial bent of mind, lurking into boundaries of trade and commerce thereby establishing fruitful ties with other nations and continents for exchange of wealth, not just in the monetary sense but also in that of knowledge and culture, giving rise to the term ‘Internationalization’ for the very first time. 

Fast forward to the year of pandemic-induced rapid technological advancements- 2021, we have also this time round found our way through the pandemic by adapting and swiftly transitioning into the online/virtual mode of effecient operation. Basing our thought, word and deed on a strong notion of adaptability, we at the esteemed Symbiosis Center for Management & Human Resource Development, Pune have initiated our first yet the most interesting virtual international collaboration with the prestigious Geneva based HES-SO Valais-Wallis (Research Institute of Entrepreneurship & Management)

Under the glorious title – Leading Multicultural Project Teams, the sole purpose and soul underneath the initiative lies in understanding the complex forces that come to play while Indian students interact with their 70 counterparts who not only hold an international identity but also a varied set of cultures, values and beliefs. However, understanding of mindset and built of these different global members comes with its own set of challenges, in order to breakdown such complexity we over the past month have all learnt to speak the language-   Belbin. An intervention being one of the most sought-after corporate psychometric evaluations, that not only help you understand your strengths and opportunities yourself within a team but also categorizes you into 9 different team roles indicating your most dominant and least proffered team role. With such a device at play, understanding different personalities and their inherent traits turns into a breeze.

As the 24 of us from SCMHRD, Pune soon embark on our journey to be future human resource leaders for tomorrow’s multinational-corporations, the course comes to us as a massive boon that not only helps us boost our morale professionally, but also orchestrates the understanding of intrinsic human values that bind us together with a chord- humanity, making it the most powerful weapon we have at the moment keeps us going in good faith and light through these tough and challenging times.

 Two weeks into the course, it already feels that we know our foreign counterparts much better not only in terms of knowledge sharing but also sharing Maslow’s ideology having the same need i.e. being social and the need for belongingness, all captured wide through a smile, enabling a better global citizen.   

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