International Research Colloquium 2021 Day-6

On the final Day of the International Research Colloquium, we had a session by a seasoned industry professional and also had a valedictory function to conclude the 6 days event.

This session was from Mr Gaurav Parab, Senior Marketing Manager of Infosys, where he leads the Analyst Relations team. Gaurav, not only shared insights regarding analyst relations domain, but he also shared his life journey with the students, which was very captivating. He threw light on the role of an analyst who understands technology, business processes and has to do benchmarking, which can influence the decision making of corporates. The role of an analyst relations person is so diverse and dynamic that they are managing different aspects of businesses such as understanding the technicalities of the product, sales support, managing human resources, marketing, building corporate strategy and also advising the board, along with this maintaining relationship with customers and partners.

Mr Gaurav, then delved into the area shaping your career, and he beautifully shared a couple of thoughts. He motivated and inspired students to experiment and grab different opportunities as one day all these different activities will point in the same direction and will play a major role in making the journey more fulfilled. He summed up this whole point as “planting more seeds”. The second thought which he stressed about came as an enormous relief to most of the students where the key point was “it is okay to not have everything figured out at the first moment itself and explore different things with time”. In brief, this meant it is okay to not have a long-term plan and instead take smaller steps.

It was a very uplifting talk which gave a very fresh and positive perspective to the usually stressful and hectic business school life.

Next, we had the valedictory function in which we had the privilege to hear Dr. Rajani Gupte, Vice-Chancellor of the Symbiosis International University, Director – SCMHRD, Dr Pratima Sheorey, Head MDP, Dr. Aradhana Gandhi, and Deputy Director, Dr Netra Neelam. It was a beautiful event organized in which we had 14 different National and International speakers coming on the same platform ‘International Research Colloquium 2021’ and sharing their insights with students. It was a great learning experience and privilege for us to learn from all the esteemed speakers we had. We thank our speakers for taking time off their busy schedules to enlighten us with their thoughts.

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