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India is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. With a firm grasp on macroeconomics essentials, the future of India is looking up. According to research, India must focus on its infrastructure, which does not fulfill the developing need of the country. Therefore, investing in infrastructure is extremely important.

A robust infrastructure will increase the nation’s capacity to extend exchange, adapt to populace development, lessen poverty, and produce comprehensive development. The Indian economy is growing stronger by the day, and it relies upon the accessibility, quality, and effectiveness of fundamental types of infrastructure.

Future scope and prospects

1)  A key highlight of the FY19 budget was infrastructure development across urban, irrigation, railways, and water which will witness a significant allocation of funds and resources. India’s vision to be a $10 trillion economy will be accomplished if our infrastructure is robust enough to support the growth.

2)  Another essential aspect that will lead to stronger infrastructure is formal education. It’s important that students get the right training to become efficient leaders in this industry. SCMHRD’s MBA in Infrastructure management is a perfect blend of management and infrastructure. The course will allow students to deal with different issues and challenges of the infra sector in the country. It also lays a strong foundation on managerial aspects that include supply chain management, business laws, and strategies making these courses indispensable for the country in the years to come.

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