Industry 4.0: Success Sutras for Indian B-Schools

Industry 4.0 came into being with the birth of cyber physical systems. It marks the advancement of emerging technologies in fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, and IoT. With expeditious growth in service sector, making it the key contributor to the GDP, Industry 4.0 is responsible for creating a new class of customers who are conscious about the future.

In line with this, the Indian higher education system needs to cope with the change in the industry to nurture graduates to meet the required standards. Especially, the Indian B-Schools need to wake up to this reality and get cracking on a war footing. In simple words, B-School graduates need to be future-ready.

Below are 9 Sutras that B-Schools should consider to make the required paradigm shift and be counted upon.

Sutra 1 – Time and place agnostic: Create learning opportunities which are accessible from any place and at any time, in a self-paced manner mixed with application-based interactive practices instead of theoretical learning.

Sutra 2 – Personalized learning: Catering to the customized needs of the students based on the learning style and designing pedagogy accordingly.

Sutra 3 – Free choice: Granting the freedom to choose what the student wants to learn assisted by learning the different devices, programs and techniques.

Sutra 4 – Project based learning: Adapting to the future freelance economy, students need to comply by project based learning and working, which teaches them application of their skills in varied situations.

Sutra 5 – Field experience: Getting accustomed to the changing technologies in the industry by taking onto first-hand experience through internships, live projects and collaboration projects.

Sutra 6 – Data interpretation: Applying the theoretical knowledge to numbers, and using human reasoning to infer logic and trends while analyzing data will be the new normal, not intelligent computing.

Sutra 7 – Reinvent the assessment: Application of the knowledge of students needs to be tested while working in the field instead of evaluation via Q&A in classrooms.

Sutra 8 – Student involvement: Keeping the curricula up-to-the-minute with contribution of professionals and youngsters is essential.

Sutra 9 – Educators as mentors and facilitators: Mentoring will become fundamental to student success. It would require educators to be lifelong learners. Who in turn will pave the way for students to be empowered with new age technology.

The future of B-Schools lies in acting as a platform where education is provided as a service.

Click below to watch the video of the talk delivered at the Indian Management Conclave 2018