While moving towards modernization in terms of technology and lifestyle, it is of utmost importance to make sure that it happens in the truest sense. Advancement needs to start at an individual level to ensure the sustainability of our efforts to transform the world into a better and modernized place. 

A crucial part of this change has to be “Gender Sensitization” and moving in line with its objective of holistic development of its members. SCMHRD, as a part of its induction program, organized a session on the same. Ms. Renuka Mukadam, Independent Consultant on POSH, trainer and external member on IC under sexual harassment law, addressed the MBA  batch of 2020-22 and covered a myriad of concepts while ensuring to highlight the broad aspects of each of them. 

She emphasized on the fact that gender is not a binary concept, rather a spectrum of identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine, which is something that most of the people fail to acknowledge. Another very important point covered by her was regarding the grievance and redressal of instances related to sexual harassment and bullying at workplace, a major cause of which can be rooted back to the gender-related conditioning of people since childhood. 

It, being a two-way session, helped the attendees discover the right approach towards things like consent-seeking, healthy flirting, emotional attraction and the like. The degree of openness and maturity with which she addressed these subjects surely made a positive impact on the minds of the students. 

In order to highlight the severity and repercussions of indulging into ill-practices, stemming from negligence of gender sensitivity, various laws meant to safeguard the victims of such acts were put across during the session.

The initiative for conducting this discussion has definitely proven to be a great start to the journey of the students towards becoming inclusive leaders in the future.

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