Huge milestone achieved

Dr. Pratima Sheorey Director, SCMHRD

It is with immense pride and humility that I want to share the latest world-class milestone achieved by SCMHRD.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for helping us to get here.

This milestone is that we have a perfect score of 100% for the slots released by us for the GE-PI-WAT process. Our cut-offs across the board for all programmes have increased significantly. Aspirants for all programmes are making a conscious decision to choose SCMHRD. Each one of you is an active contributor in this journey.

This feat has been achieved only by the top 3-4 institutes in the country and that is why this is special. This is a recognition of the tireless efforts put in by the whole team, the students, the alumni and all external stakeholders over the years. I cannot mention individual names, however, suffice to say that each and every person who was a part of the journey including the critics, the loyalists, the seemingly uninvolved, those who are associated with SCMHRD today and those who were before – all have contributed to bring us to this level. We have learnt and grown because of all the feedback we have received from all of you.

I would like to put on record that the AACSB process gave us the tools for process improvement and the whole team did their best to move forward. All the quality initiatives taken by SIU have also helped and guided us to stay on the path of constant introspection and improvement.

We do recognize that this places very high expectations on the team and actually makes the road ahead more challenging. We will now have to pursue the path of improvement with increased vigour and focus and not relax with this first win. This, in fact, is a long never ending relay race and now, more than ever before, we must push forward harder with higher resolution. We have moved up a league and the competition is stiffer here.

We realize that getting here was easier than sustaining this performance.

However ……. We want to revel in this achievement for just a short while more so that we can move forward again with more vigour.

We are going to need all your help and support in the long eternal journey ahead. It has proven once again that at SCMHRD “The Journey is the Reward” so we have to keep walking and keep trying to better ourselves.

Here’s to a big bang New Year 2018 in our 25th year.

Best regards
Dr. Pratima Sheorey

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