“Skill is only developed by hours and hours of work.”

Usain Bolt

SNAP, the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test, is one of the most renowned MBA entrance exams, which offers a gateway to pursuing an MBA from one of the coveted business schools, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development Pune. The SNAP exam opens numerous opportunities for aspirants who hold an undergraduate degree from varied fields like engineering, science, commerce, humanities, and law. The SNAP 2022 exam, which will be held in three slots on 10th December, 18th December, and 23rd December, is an excellent opportunity for aspirants who wish to pursue an MBA from any of the symbiosis colleges. Aspirants can appear for all three slots and the best score will be considered for the further process.

The SNAP exam is a speed-based test consisting of 60 questions to be attempted within 60 minutes. It comprises three sections namely General English, Analytical & Logical Reasoning, Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency. The SNAP exam consists of negative marking. The aspirant would gain one mark for each rightly answered question, whereas the aspirant would also lose 0.25 marks per question for the questions answered wrong.

The General English section comprises 15 questions. This section is considered one of the most manageable sections of the snap exam. Topics like reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and verbal ability represent the General English section. To ace this section, an aspirant should form a habit of reading newspapers, articles, or prose which would improve their reading speed and vocabulary. They should also practice questions from different topics like reading comprehension, fill in the blanks, Idioms and phrases, vocabulary usage and jumbled paragraphs, etc., daily. To improve vocabulary and understand the concepts, one can refer to their respective grammar compendium which can prove to be an aid for performing the best on D-Day.

The logical Reasoning section is the one that holds the maximum weightage in the SNAP exam. It consists of 25 questions. This section comprises many topics like Arrangements, Clocks & Calendars, Mathematical Reasoning, Analogy, Series, Syllogisms, Critical Reasoning, Coding-Decoding, etc. A sufficient amount of practice and the capacity to select the appropriate questions are essential to ace this area. One needs to have an “eye for detail” since the questions will be logic-based. Practicing as wide varieties of questions as possible can ensure the maximization of scores in this section.

The Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency section consists of 20 questions. This, oftentimes, is considered to be a time-consuming section with the aspirants needing to juggle between the clock and the accuracy. This section will be an amalgamation of calculation and logic-based questions. So, the best approach for preparation for this section of SNAP 2022 would be to be thorough with the theorems, formulae, and concepts and revise them regularly.

Practicing mocks is a crucial part of SNAP preparation. The SNAP practice exams and sample papers equip the aspirants for any scenario. The ideal number of SNAP mock exams may vary for every aspirant based on their skill level and amount of preparation. The Admissions & PR team of SCMHRD Pune takes various initiatives to prepare the aspirants for the SNAP exam. Social media campaigns like wordy Wednesdays, let’s get logical, APR weekly, formulae of the week, and Rookie 7.0 are designed to equip the aspirants with knowledge of the variety of questions that they would encounter in the SNAP exam. Stress buster stories and the 99 percentiler club motivate the aspirants by portraying the journey of the students who bagged SCMHRD Pune through SNAP 2021.

Overall, SNAP is an exam that requires much practice to improve one’s accuracy and speed. So, aspirants, buckle up and start practicing to ace snap, and don’t forget that everything is achievable if you work hard. May the stars watch over you and make your efforts fruitful on the D-day.

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