How international Collaboratins Empower Education? | SCMHRD Blog

The Indian education system has witnessed immense growth over the past decade. A number of policy initiatives and schemes have created opportunities for the youth and bought Indian education at par with international standards/

Moreover, Indian universities are also working hard towards improving the world’s third-largest education system. One of the biggest steps that institutes have taken is collaborating with international universities. Foreign universities from countries like England, Canada, Australia, USA and more have collaborated with various Indian institutes.


There are various reasons why these collaborations empower the Indian education system. They allow Indian universities to design their programmes in alignment with international pedagogies. Moreover, these collaborations also allow students to build a diverse portfolio and choose from varied specializations.

Students also gain easy access to international education without having to move overseas. Most institutes hold live or pre-recorded lectures with foreign professors.

These days, due to globalization, multinational companies prefer to hire students from universities that have international collaborations. The reason is simple, if students are exposed to the global landscape before they start their job, it will be easier for them to adjust to challenges they may face throughout their professional careers.

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