Hall of PPO #7: Dorathi Das, Mother Dairy

Dorathi Das is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from Guwahati University located in one of the seven sister states of India – Assam. Before pursuing her higher education in the field of business and administration, she worked for 21 months in Cognizant – a multinational company that provides IT services. During her time at Cognizant, she recognized how important it is to understand the crux of a business before assuming any pivotal role in that organization. That was when she truly realized her desire to join a B-School to become an MBA graduate. On introspection, Dorathi found herself to be a person who loves new challenges every day, interacting with different people and tackling varied circumstances and problems arising therein. And there she goes taking up marketing which would allow her to carry out, in her words, ‘a dynamic job profile’, thereby aligning with her personality.

Dorathi interned at Mother Dairy in the Dhara division which deals with cooking oils. She was posted in the Sales Department in the Regional Office of Guwahati. She was working on improving sales of a premium revenue earning product of Dhara. Dorathi’s responsibility was to decipher how to bring out the same. In order to do so, she started by visiting the market on a daily basis and tried to analyse how each player of the market works. She came up with a scheme that might help boost sales of that product and officially proceeded with a pilot run in Guwahati. She faced numerous hiccups while on her journey but successfully managed to surpass them to reach her goal. She loved the fact that her weekly updates and reviews were taken by not just her mentor but by the Business Head as well who provided her with constructive feedback.

Dorathi’s efforts paid off and the scheme went on to become a huge success helping her win a pre-placement job offer in Mother Dairy.

A hearty congratulations and best wishes from all of us at MPR Team.