Hall of PPO #6: Pranjali Soley, Capgemini

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.”

The aforesaid words are just nuances to the fact of the absurdity of life. You may be the happy bubble of the sea, shining and sparkling against the sun-rays but you may never know when you will churn out to be the glorious feisty wave of the ocean. This is exactly the story of Pranjali Soley, the jovial, bubbly girl who stepped into SCMHRD, fought against all odds with her electrifying personality and emerged victorious breaking all the hurdles. Indore to Pune – the journey made the fresher go through all the metamorphosis and she gradually moulded herself into this new place, with new friends and new challenges. The lion-hearted girl has proved her extraordinary oratory skills from her very childhood and SCMHRD wasn’t an exception where there have been eulogies for her anchoring and public-speaking skills. She has always been the epitome of positivity for the people around her and this trait was reflected during her internship too.

Pranjali interned with Capgemini for 2 months and her learning experience there is a lightened pathway for all other students. She was offered the role of business analyst in the domain of healthcare insurance. Her project was about automated healthcare chat-bots and legacy modernization. Integrating AI with the new chat-bot introduction and solving customer issues through the same were some of the nitty-gritty of her project. Her second project was about developing models pertaining to legacy modernization. The third project which she worked on primarily concerned the legislative acts and contracts to understand how an insurance company can work in a particular country. Her work included identification of the loopholes and barriers in the entire functioning of the system. An unquestionable hard-worker, an overly punctual individual and a strong believer of destiny were some of the qualities that made her earn a pre-placement offer from Capgemini. Her serene bonhomie added to the dedication to every task she took up.

She advises the young aspirants to be quick on their feet and not get affected by the halcyon atmosphere growing around them. Further, she talks about how juniors should prepare themselves efficiently. Knowing the nits and grits of one’s own curriculum vitae and a thorough understanding about one’s department would help one build a clear understanding about a particular company. She adds that being enrolled in a course like Infrastructure Management, one should be aware of what’s happening in the different sectors of the country like energy and power sectors. For her, life has always been the merry-go-round where every turn must be taken with the fullest of energy and enjoyed with every drop of thrill.

A hearty congratulations and best wishes from all of us at MPR Team.