Hall of PPO #5: Nakul Mundra, CRISIL

How amazing would it be if you convert an internship before the commencement of MBA 2nd year? How breathtaking would it be if your PPO is announced in front of a crowd of around 100 people? And did I mention that the PPO is offered by one of the most sought-after companies for anyone specializing in Finance? Now, imagine this happens without your expectation of converting it.  Indeed an enviable scenario! If you are wondering who s/he might be, Nakul is the guy you should be looking for. Before we take a dive into his internship at CRISIL, it’s worth looking at his life-before-MBA.

Nakul hails from Sojat, Rajasthan and has been outside of his hometown since 5th standard. He pursued engineering in Mechatronics from SRM University, Chennai. Later, he joined Wipro as a Project Engineer and worked for two and a half years before joining SCMHRD, Pune. His inclination led him to choose finance as major in MBA. Being a calm and composed guy, he never bothered himself about the hullaballoo of placements. “At the end, it will all be OK”, says Nakul. As fate had it, he was placed in CRISIL during the placement week. At CRISIL, he worked on “The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Automotive Component Industry”. As there was a dearth of existing research on this topic, he had to do the groundwork and gather information from OEMs and other stakeholders. He enjoyed working there and had great mentors like Mr. Hemal Thakkar (Associate Director, CRISIL) and Mr. Pushan Sharma (Manager, CRISIL) to guide him when he ran into dead ends.

Nakul, when asked about an advice to the junior batch, says “At times you will feel the pressure. You may face rejections at many walks of life. But always try to keep your calm, gather your nerves, roll up your sleeves and give your best shot.”

A hearty congratulations and best wishes from MPR Team.