Hall of PPO #15: Nimish Ramesh, Cummins

A native of Karnataka, born in Kerala and brought up in Maharashtra, Nimish Ramesh is undeniably a versatile personality who has had a good share of knowledge about various cultures. He is a professional TT player, a cyclist and an adventurer. A fresher who completed his chemical engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, he went on pursue an MBA to get a career push instead of being held back in a laboratory.

Nimish believes that business is all about effective communication and the greatest impact may be from the perspective of an HR personnel. He landed an internship with Cummins India Ltd. and had a tranquil experience. After a three day induction process where the business leaders shared their insights, he had a meeting with his mentor where deliverables were discussed with special emphasis on personalized learning. He adores the value system and the open door policy at Cummins wherein the communication with the leaders is always a two-way, constructive conversation.

At Cummins, he interned with the distribution business unit-the after sales and service department. Due to various challenges like working in remote locations, the attrition rate was comparatively high in this unit and his project involved the engagement and development of women in the unit. He built a career path and recommended a development program which is currently being implemented. In his second project, he had to suggest on how to build a culture of appreciation at workplace. It is particularly important in the Indian scenario where the culture of appreciation is not prominent. People are appreciated only when they go the extra mile. Nimish learnt that when an employee knows he/she is valued, when they know the personal impact they have on the company’s success, they are bound to be better motivated at work.

He advices his juniors to concentrate on the learning over the deliverables because at this stage a lot of learning can take place which will help in knowing more about the business and its working. He also recommends to ask questions and adds that the more you ask the more you understand about the business and the different views of various individuals that lead to the overall success of the business.

A hearty congratulations and best wishes from all of us at MPR Team!