Hall of PPO #14: Aditya Negi, EarlySalary

Aditya Negi is a Delhi boy who completed his Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from MDU, Rohtak. He is a founding member of a mobile app called ‘Highway Connect’ – a top bootstrap app in India. During the phase of app development, he realized his capabilities of convincing and creativity which he put to apt use by pursuing Masters in Business Administration in Marketing.

Aditya interned in EarlySalary. He worked from the Pune office but traveled extensively to Mumbai and Delhi. He was working on the first offline project of EarlySalary and, therefore, the project comprised of work of all divisions; right from the recruiting to marketing to operations. He, first, identified the target market by carrying out market research, bench-marking to understand how competitors are carrying out their activities. It helped him gain immense knowledge about the retail sector. Further, he hired suitable personnel for promotional work. Due to high turnover or attrition rate and high travel periods, the hiring cycle needed to be repeated often. Aditya then structured the entire project along with strict timelines and executed it diligently.  This required him to apply his knowledge of ‘RFM’ (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) and work in coordination with the analytics team to obtain desired results. Although, he faced few hurdles during his journey, his earlier experience with the mobile app came in very handy. His daily update sessions with his mentor and weekly review by CXO gave him constructive insights about his project and how to plan the road-map ahead. The entire experience allowed Aditya to develop himself as complete package instead of just a ‘marketing guy’ thereby bagging a pre-placement job offer at EarlySalary.

What Aditya liked the most throughout was the exposure, freedom and the independence he was given to be creative, innovate and execute or implement his plans which lent him a sense of belonging and made him feel more than just an intern.

A hearty congratulations and best wishes from all of us at MPR Team.