Hall of PPO #13: Akhil Kumar, Wipro

After completing his B.Tech from Ghaziabad, Akhil worked in Infosys for 38 months as an Associate Business Analyst. Sensing a need to avoid growth stagnation, he decided to pursue an MBA and joined SCMHRD. During his internship at Wipro he endured a huge deal of difference from his previous work experience, particularly from the HR perspective. Here’s a short account of his internship.

Following a two-day orientation program, Akhil set off to start his term as an intern in Wipro’s Bangalore office. Having met his mentor, who introduced him to his team, he was made familiar with the hierarchy, the structure and how things work at the company. Wipro has an open-door policy which was beneficial. In the two month internship, Akhil was able to interact with anyone, ranging from employees to the managers and the Vice Presidents. The role at Wipro made him realize the essence of the HR role in an organization.  As for his project, he was bestowed upon with two projects because he finished his first one too soon! His first project was to develop a framework to enhance the on-boarding experience for lateral hires. His second project involved the enrichment of the work-life balance of Wipro’s employees.

Cultural and technical fit are two key aspects that companies try to gauge while an intern serves in the company for two months. It’s the deciding factor for many companies as they believe that one cannot identify the right candidate just by an interview. Hence, it is important that apart from just fulfilling the needs of the project, one must work on building a network. “Talk to alums, don’t hesitate to get in touch with people and build a relationship”, says Akhil. His advice to his juniors is to take the effort and not shy away from approaching people. Even if people are busy, one needs to learn when and how to professionally approach and block the person’s calendar. For instance, Akhil had an impromptu mid-review in the canteen while indulging in snacks with his mentor, flanked by about 40 people because his mentor was busy at other times of the day.

The internship was a great learning experience. He even learnt the art of Photoshop from scratch in just a weekend only so that he could make an impact on his first project. His hard work and dedication paid off.

A hearty congratulations and best wishes from all of us at MPR Team!

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