Hall of PPO #12: Anand Vegad, Honeywell

Meet Anand Vegad – the Gujju from Odisha! (as he fondly calls himself) He’s an electronics and telecommunications engineer from IIIT Bhubaneswar. He worked for AMDOCS, a leading telecom billing giant for 2 years and then decided to join SCMHRD to pursue his MBA in HR.

Anand did his summer internship with Honeywell and for his project, he was responsible for coming up with a set of programs which could help the company reduce the revamp time of the new recruits in the sales department. Simply put, he had to reduce the total time taken to make the new employees productive.

He had to interact with a lot of stakeholders right from front-line sales employees to national sales leaders to HR business partners for collecting data with respect to requirements of senior management, needs of the new recruits, shortcomings of the existing programs and reasons as to why employees from the sales department found it difficult to meet their targets. After collection of the required data, he had to analyse the same in order to eliminate the existing bottlenecks which were slowing the entire process.

From understanding different business functions within a Business Group to learning how a Sales Entity functions in a B2B setup to learning and implementing Six Sigma Methodology, the project was indeed very demanding. However, one crucial thing that he learned from his rigorous MBA program was to have faith and confidence in his abilities to accomplish his tasks. This, coupled with constant support from his mentor, HRBPs, Business Leaders and Alumni helped him keep up his pace. His biggest learning from the internship was that an HR should not just be limited to the knowledge of HR functions but must be well aware of the entire business in general.

To the juniors, he says, “Summers is a time where you’ll go through an emotional roller coaster. People might not give you importance. They might not even give you time. For the very simple reason that they have none. But no matter what, you have to consider your project as your baby. Because if you don’t drive your project, no one else will help you. Remember that.”

A hearty congratulations and best wishes from all of us at MPR Team.