Hall of PPO #10: Shreya Kumar, General Electric Healthcare

Shreya Kumar did her schooling and B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from Delhi. She worked as a Software Engineer in Accenture for 4-5 months, post which she joined SCMHRD and landed herself an internship in General Electric Healthcare, Bangalore.

Having got her project brief 2 weeks earlier, where the requirements were quite vague, Shreya being a curious person, contacted a lot of seniors and professors on what approach to take so that she didn’t look unprepared on Day 1. Stepping into her internship shoes , she made a list of contacts from LinkedIn to do bench-marking and prepared a project timeline to show her mentor in those two weeks’ time frame.

Her journey began with a 2 day, fun filled induction in Bangalore’s Jack Welch Technology Centre, one of GE’s research centres. She then met her mentor, who introduced her to 2-3 stakeholders so that she can get in touch with them and hop onto her project. Her project was on restructuring Variable Compensation Plans for which she had to interview around 50 Sales Managers on all the 3 hierarchical levels- Front Line Sales Employees, Sales Managers and Regional Directors. She also conducted a survey for knowing their likes and dislikes about the same. Additionally, she had to study the compensation plan of last 3 years for every role in these 3 hierarchical levels and for every product that GE’s healthcare sector sold. All along her internship, she had submitted weekly reports to her mentor to keep him updated. Apart from her assigned project, she had on her own, devised a communication plan for the sales employees too.

Her mid review happened after 4 weeks where she had to present her understanding of all the plans and pinpoint which parameter could be more optimized for GE. In her final review, they looked for her specific recommendations for specific roles.

Not all days were full of sun shine sunshine as there were challenging times too since her mentor and his boss had different viewpoints and she had to take a balanced approach, keeping both of their expectations in mind. But everything panned out well in the end; courtesy- her hard work and curiosity to learn. She did not confine herself to her project and reached out to the top management to learn more about GE’s well appreciated HR practices, which she showcased in her final review and earned positive feedback.

Looking ahead to her remaining time in SCMHRD she plans on devoting it on reading and travelling and signs off with an advice to her incumbent juniors- Utilise your time properly and make good use of the Library without confining yourself only to Academic Books.

A hearty congratulations and best wishes from all of us at MPR Team.